We need (True) change ! (Wassup 2008)

Its was 8 years ago when the boys said wassup (whazaaaa) to each other.
Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House,
the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters !

Watch the original ol’ school wassup video, click below…


Apple TV 2.2 update haz Genius inside !

Apple TV just got his 2.2 update on October 3th.

Check the new features, click link below

* Dual Audio Support for Movie files (while holding Play/Pause whilst playing movie files)
* Genius playlist feature (activated by holding Play/Pause whilst playing a song)
* Fixes Security Bug in Quicktime that could lead to code execution.
* Music Video playlists
* On-the-Go Playlists
* Standby Option
* HD TV Show Playback and Purchase

Trading tips for Apple Inc. stock (AAPL)

Are you guys trading Apple Inc. stock ? (Check the poll at the end of post).

We recently opened a new site about Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock.
You will find daily analysis and charts provided by a professional trading coach, Moise Levi.
Should you buy or sell Apple, is the stock bullish or bearish?

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Are you trading Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock ?

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