My White Macbook Upper Case has cracked !

December 6th, 2008 11 comments

Last friday, I bought the new macbook pro late 2008, and I am very happy with it.
It is solid as a rock ! But hey, look what happened to my old macbook late 2006…

The upper case of my white macbook started to crack after 1.5 years of loyal services.
Wtf, Steve can you fix that ? GRRR… My macbook looks worst than a DELL right now…

More pictures of macbook with the same problem, click the link below…
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Steve Mobs – My idol

December 6th, 2008 No comments

Yes, I like Steve Mobs, I just bought one of his macbook pro for $10… hrm… $2,499
The best laptop ever, really, buy it !
The recession is almost OVER, buy, buy, buy, please :-)

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Linux on iPhone

November 28th, 2008 No comments

Linux 2.6 kernel has been ported to Apple’s iPhone platform, with support for the first and second generation iPhones as well as the first generation iPod touch.
This is a rough first draft of the port, and many drivers are still missing, but it’s enough that a real alternative operating system is running on the iPhone.

Check out the video & instructions…
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Cracked iPhone Apps for dummies

November 23rd, 2008 43 comments

Installing cracked iPhone apps on your iphone is really easy, it requires you to jailbreak
your iPhone, install OpenSSH, and replace a certain framework known as MobileInstallation.

But still there is an easier method to achieve it, and it works on the latest 2.2 firmware.

Follow the 2 easy steps, click the link below.
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iPhone firmware 2.2 – Jailbreak and Unlock

November 23rd, 2008 26 comments

QuickPwn (Mac) PwnageTool 2.2.1 (Mac) QuickPwn (Win)
[download#26#image] [download#25#image] [download#27#image]

If you need to download the new 2.2 firmware, click the link below
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Apple TV 2.3 – new update is out

November 20th, 2008 10 comments

Check the new features:

AirTunes Streaming from Apple TV
Third-party Remote Controls
Music Volume Control

More info:

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Will Barack Obama save the World ?

November 7th, 2008 No comments

Will Barack Obama save the World ?

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