Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !

Today is the day, you gotta love sundays!
After many, many cryptic messages on the dev team blog, they finally decided it’s stable enough to release it! The new Pwnage tool 2.0 is out. It will activate, unlock and jailbreak your 2G iPhone, and “jailbreak only” your new 3G iPhone. No 3G unlock yet!

Pwnage has a very nice interface, but nevertheless it’s still a bit complicated to use if you have no idea what you are doing. Therefore, to help you pwn your iPhone, we wrote a very detailled guide. We are glad to see many of you already succeeded with our tutorial.

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Apple TV take 2 running on macbook

Check out instructions in the extended post!

join us on irc: #atv4mac on irc.osx86.huI recommend doing this on an external hard drive:

1. Install mac os x version 10.4.8 minimum (Leopard not supported yet)
2. You can install the past updates via software update => 10.4.11
3. Be sure you have Front installed in /System/Library/CoreServices
4. If not, install it from the mac os x install dvd via “Install Bundled Software Only”
5. Reboot
6. Backup /System/Library/CoreServices/Front
7. Run the installer script (available soon)
8. Reboot
9. Save all your work and press Apple+Esc or Menu on the remote
10. Boom! Apple TV is loading!

OTB 1.1.2 iPhone unlock: Decrypt 1.1.3 ramdisk

Ramdisk key has been found, this is the second iPhone’s most important secret.
And you wonder how you could mount that image now?

We just wrote a nice script for you to retrieve the 1.1.3 firmware, and mount
the main firmware and the ramdisk dmg’s directly on your desktop.

Download the files here …

Jumpstart iPhone unlocking

Check in the extended post how to avoid buying an iPhone with 1.1.1 firmware

Just check out the serial number on the back of the iPhone box.
It should look like XXX38XXXXXX
The ‘X’ are any alphanumeric character but notice the important 4th and 5th cifers.
Those are important and should be lower than 38 => 37, 36, 35, etc… are ok

38 could be a 1.1.1 firmware, avoid it to be safe, or risk it if no other alternatives..

iPhone Activation on Mac OS X

The previous tutorial was for Windows users, now let’s see how it works on a mac.
Tutorial is in the extended post.

1.) Download the following file to your Mac:
2.) Extract it to a directory on your desktop named iPhoneTool
3.) Open the program

Howto write NTFS partition from OS X

In january, I wrote a post on MacFuse/writing NTFS partitions from OS X.
I promised to post a tutorial, so here it is:

So you have installed Windows/Vista via Bootcamp or any other method.
And now you want to write files from your OS X install to your Vista/Windows partition.

First you need to download and install those two softwares:

MacFUSE Tools0.2.2-r1

Next unmount the ntfs partition with Diskutil.
Click the info button to get the disk identifier: disk0s3 for instance
Open Terminal and execute the following commands:

sudo ln -s /System/Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/mount_fusefs /usr/bin/mount_fusefs
mkdir /Volumes/Vista
sudo /usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/disk0s2 /Volumes/