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Play Wave 3/Wave 4 Backup Games on XBOX 360

This is an update concerning our tutorial we wrote almost 2 years ago : read here

Since March 2009, new “Wave 3″ games appeared, and since August 2009, new “Wave 4″ games. With the iXtreme firmware we installed, we could not boot those 2 types of games anymore. We need to update the iXtreme firmware of our XBOX 360 DVD drive!

But what exactly does “Wave” stand for?

Wave refers to a known data size contained in the video partition of XBOX 360 disks. Before March 2009, this partition simply contained a video that would play if you inserted the disk into a regular DVD player. Now, since the new Dashboard updates (NXE), those larger files are also placed in this video partition, which means that the data contained in this partition is set to change more often.

Why is this a problem? How do I know which wave my backup belongs to?

One of the security features in all iXtreme firmware (except 1.51) is a check on the size of the video partition to make sure it matches one of the known waves. The firmware will not boot any game that does not match a known wave, this is done to prevent booting bad backups and getting banned on XBOX Live. iXtreme 1.51 firmware was a quick fix release to play Wave 3 games, but we do not recommend it since it does not all the checks to prevent you from being banned from XBOX live. Instead use iXtreme 1.6, which supports Wave 3 games.

What about Wave 4 games backups? Can I play those?

iXtreme 1.6 brought the checks back for better security, but there is a workaround into iXtreme 1.6 that allows “one shot” booting of non-stealth or unknown sized discs (new waves). To do this you use the 0800 disc (activate.iso) that is included with the iXtreme 1.6 firmware. Obviously this method may not be safe for Xbox Live and should be used offline only and at your own risk.

How to flash your XBOX 360 DVD drive?

JungleFlasher is developed in conjunction with Team Jungle in an effort to bring all 360 DVD‐Drive flashing functions together in one easy to use Win32 Application. JungleFlasher provides several functions that up until now were carried by several different app’s in both Dos and Win32.

If you are running Windows 7 64-bits, JungleFlasher won’t work, we recommend you use “360 Modification USB Drive v1.6 Revision 4″ instead. It’s a nice solution to flash your drive from a bootable USB pendrive with FreeDOS. It’s pretty much straightforward, you just need to follow instructions on screen. Just grab the port number of your VIA card before you start.

How to burn XBOX 360 backup games on mac?

Get ISOx360 for Mac
Use DVD+R dual layer disks.

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