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Rebel EFI : Install Snow Leopard on PC for dummies

October 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It should not fix bad relationship between Apple and Psystar. For sale through their website, a software called Rebel EFI promises simply to help the average user to install Mac OS X on a PC including the latest and greatest Snow Leopard, provided that your PC has the compatible components. Rebel EFI arises as a small ISO image of just a few MB, which uses included Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBLE).


To enjoy it, you will need to burn this image onto a CD, then boot your PC from it. Rebel EFI will detect hard drives, verify that your hardware is compatible with Mac OS, then download the drivers needed to install the system, simulating the presence of EFI. The software is sold for $49.95, but you can download a trial version from the Psystar site, limited in time and the level of hardware supported.

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