Share your Magic Mouse between 2 machintosh computers

Do you have 2 machintosh computers at home that you want to use with a single keyboard, single monitor and even single Magic Mouse? Well now it’s possible with this tutorial. We have build this setup and it works flawlessly.

For the setup we used the following hardware:

– 1 mac mini (running 24/7 as a home server)
– 1 Mac Pro (it’s a hackintosh inside a Mac Pro case)
– 1 Apple USB Keyboard and 1 dual-link DVI Monitor
– 1 Apple Magic Mouse (Bluetooth)
– 1 Belkin Flip KVM Switch (DVI-D 2-Port)
– 1 small Bluetooth 2.0 USB dongle

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Apple Magic Mouse for your hackintosh

While you are patiently waiting for your Magic Mouse to arrive (as we are), here is the perfect bluetooth dongle you will need for your hackintosh or your bluetoothless macintosh computer. It is 100% compatible with the (not so) magic mouse and officially recommended by Apple! It can even accept firmware updates from Software Update and wake up your comp with wireless mouse or keyboard.

The USB bluetooth adapter you want is the …

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Rebel EFI : Install Snow Leopard on PC for dummies

It should not fix bad relationship between Apple and Psystar. For sale through their website, a software called Rebel EFI promises simply to help the average user to install Mac OS X on a PC including the latest and greatest Snow Leopard, provided that your PC has the compatible components. Rebel EFI arises as a small ISO image of just a few MB, which uses included Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBLE).

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Hack VMWare Fusion 2 – Virtualize Tiger/Leopard

The VMWare team has released some days ago the second beta for VMWare Fusion 2.0.
This new beta brings tons of new features on the table like Unity 2.0, Multiple Snapshots,
Better Video and Graphics, and last but not least support for more client OSs,
including Leopard Server !!!

Virtualizing Mac OS X Server inside Mac OS X sounds really interesting, specially for atv4mac. People running Leopard will be glad to install Mac OS X Tiger inside a VMWare to run atv4mac! But we need to do a little hack to VMWare Fusion since it only supports Mac OS X SERVER virtualization.

See more details around the hack, click the link below

The following items are required to start the hacking process:
– Retail DVD of Mac OS X Tiger (or Leopard)
– VMWare Fusion Beta 2 installed

Verify you installed VMWare Fusion Beta 2.
Then Open a Terminal window and type the following commands:

sudo bash
cd "/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/isoimages"
mkdir original
mv darwin.iso *.sig original
perl -n -p -e 's/ServerVersion.plist/SystemVersion.plist/g' < original/darwin.iso > darwin.iso
openssl genrsa -out tools-priv.pem 2048
openssl rsa -in tools-priv.pem -pubout -out
openssl dgst -sha1 -sign tools-priv.pem < darwin.iso > darwin.iso.sig
for A in *.iso ; do openssl dgst -sha1 -sign tools-priv.pem < $A > $A.sig ; done

Your VMWare Fusion is now hacked to allow installation of Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard.
I am looking for a Tiger Retail DVD, please contact me if you can help.
There are no Intel Tiger Retail DVD, doh !
Need to hack the Tiger Install DVD that came with your mac !