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*NEW* XInfoAqua script (X-Chat)

November 14th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Remember that script made by Spaz to print your system info?
This was not working anymore with the new 8.8.1 kernel….
Prasys and Joey just released a new modded version, works great with X-Chat 0.16.

Download here


Just drop the file to Application –> X-Chat Aqua —-> Plugins. Restart X-Chat.
To ‘show-off’ your mac in the #chatrooms , simply type /macinfo
Please don’t spam.

If you have any problems , just hop by to #scripts – irc.macspeak.net

Here is what my /macinfo outputs:

HacPro X86
CPU Intel Pentium D 2.66GHz @ 2.66GHz [SSE3/PAE/XD/EM64T/DualCore] L2 Cache
1024K RAM Used 638.7MB/1.0GB Virtual 405.81M/1024.00M Disk Used 195.19GB/234.22GB
Display GMA 950 [64 MB of shared system memory/CI/QE/Q2DE] 1280×1024@75Hz
OS: Mac OS X 10.4.8 (8L2127) Kernel: Darwin 8.8.1 Uptime: 4:45 (Nov-14-2006 : 23:33)

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