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fdisk saved my OS X partition

November 14th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

After installing Vista on my second primary partition, dunno how, but…
My third primary OS X partition was not bootable anymore!!!

Maybe it was related to Vista installer, maybe to MacDrive I used to read HFS+.

The problem was the type of my OS X partition has changed from AF to 07 !!!
The type has become NTFS! duh!

My grub was giving me HFS+ parition error… Impossible to boot back in OS X…
I booted a linux livecd and ran fdisk:

su -
fdisk /dev/hda
p (list partitions)
t (assign type)
(choose the partition to change the type)
af (set type to af)
w (write changes to disk and reboot)

Yaye! I booted back in OS X86 !!

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