/ / 10.4.8 Kernel under dev/testing

10.4.8 Kernel under dev/testing

Apple released the source code of the new 10.4.8 kernel!
Dated 14-feb-1970! LOL

For those who wants to play with the sources, you can download here:

Semthex has begun hard dev to bring this kernel on our hacks.
So we could get a complete 10.4.8 clone.

HPET and EFI have been successfully disabled, so a lot more boxes will be supported!
The main efforts right now are focused on some legacy support.

The next step semthex is workin’ on is get the kernel boot in single user mode
on a box with SSE3, and no NX/XD.

Give semthex some support: http://semthex.freeflux.net
Me and JaS are testing and will report soon.


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