10.4.9 kernel sources released

Apple has released the source code for 10.4.9 kernel!
And guess what, it has already been modded, but this time by netkas.

Compiled intel sse3 hpet kernel is on #1049 topic on irc.osx86.hu
it includes northwood fix, r3d3 inside, autodetecting fsb speed.

More about DaemonES’ kernel

I just tried this new kernel from DaemonES.
All I can tell is that my FSB speed is correctly detected.

You can check your FSB speed with GeekBench: www.geekpatrol.ca/geekbench/

Here is a screenshot, look at about this mac, funny stuff:

Latest Mifki’s 10.4.8 kernel

Mifki’s kernel is only compatible with Intel mobo’s with SSE3 and HPET.
He also released a kernel version for Intel mobo’s without NX.

Don’t expect any further release from mifki, as he is satisfied with his kernel.

Here is the SSE3 HPET Intel kernel: www.filefactory.com/file/cd939a/
Here is the kernel for no NX : www.filefactory.com/file/f3c2a8/

Something you may want to try, DaemonES has released a kernel based
on mifki’s modified source code. This kernel has fsb/hpet/nx autodetection.

From another source, this kernel has NX disabled and fsb autodetection only.
No hpet autodetection bullshit :)

Check it out: www.filefactory.com/file/05f6d5/
or here: applelife.ru/developer/