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iPhone OS 3.0 : BETA TEST IT NOW !

April 4th, 2009 359 comments


We are glad to announce you that we are now part of the Apple dev program, and that we do have access to the latest iPhone 3.0 Beta software. But what about you? Do you also want to try out the new iPhone 3.0 Beta firmware but can’t afford the $99 subscription ? Well, you have an option left, you can become our beta tester, and try our applications on the new iPhone 3.0 Beta software. This is the only way to install iPhone OS 3.0 Beta legally on your iPhone!

As member of the Apple Developer program, we are able to activate additional iPhones to install the iPhone 3.0 Beta firmware. If you are interested, use the form below. All you need to do is select your device type and input your UDID (unique device id). It will cost you only $6 to get activated for iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Firmware.