EFI-X : Install Mac OS X on PC from Original DVD!

This is really HUGE, no I mean HUUUGE !

Finally looks like someone smart has developed a solution for booting and installing Mac OS X on a PC using the original retail (unpatched!!) Mac OS X DVD. W00t is the word!

EFiX is a USB dongle that should allow you to run the orignal DVD on any PC. All you’ll have to do is put the DVD in your drive and start the installation. Isn’t it great.

They planned to release the hardware on 23rd of June, check them out: efi-x.com

Now you don’t have any excuses anymore! Go buy Mac OS X!

netkas got a version of the hardware to test it…

video here

Apple TV take 2 running on macbook

Check out instructions in the extended post!

join us on irc: #atv4mac on irc.osx86.huI recommend doing this on an external hard drive:

1. Install mac os x version 10.4.8 minimum (Leopard not supported yet)
2. You can install the past updates via software update => 10.4.11
3. Be sure you have Front Row.app installed in /System/Library/CoreServices
4. If not, install it from the mac os x install dvd via “Install Bundled Software Only”
5. Reboot
6. Backup /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app
7. Run the installer script (available soon)
8. Reboot
9. Save all your work and press Apple+Esc or Menu on the remote
10. Boom! Apple TV is loading!

iPhone 1.1.4 Firmware is OUT !

Do not upgrade yet ! Jailbreaking may work, but not unlocking…

Here is my script if you want to explore the content of 114 filesystem disk
and ramdisk: here

The script will download the new firmware and mount the disk images.

What’s new ?

– Bug fix sms app
– Better Camera software
– Better Bluetooth support
– Better network reception
– Safari tabs keep their content

iPhone firmware 1.1.4 & SDK

So you guys wonder what’s going on with the iPhone’s SDK Stevie announced in October.
The countdown has started, 15 days to go before the SDK release (hopefully!).
It has been rumored that some Developers already received the famous SDK to prepare
their applications and that it will only run under the new firmware “1.1.4 Alpha 2″.

So its clear the SDK won’t run on lower firmwares than 1.1.4.
Smart from the dev team to keep their 1.1.3 jailbreak secret until the 1.1.4 release!
With the new jailbreak and unlocks methods out there, we can except a new bootloader
in the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware. Something that will lock down our iPhones for a few months
until someone founds a way to jailbreak and unlock.

It’s time to buy your stock of 113 unlockable iPhones, 15 more days to go!

For those based in the UK, you can try your luck with o2, exclusive provider of the iPhone
in the UK. I’ve got a friend who’s got an o2 mobile phone and he vouches for o2’s more
than decent customer service, a must for us looking for ways to hack into every gadgets
we get our hands on. Apple’s got one of the best customer service in the world, I know, but
it won’t hurt to have another pair of willing and helping hands whenever we get into trouble.

Lotsa luck with the iPhone hunting mates!