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EFI-X Update : More inside news

We got more news from the CEO and leading engineer of the EFiX R&D Team.
The following mail was sent to us from Mr Wilhelm von Vnukov :

“It is already released, limited time and our devotion to the production itself caused
that web isn’t updated in the right way. On 23 of June, a server hardware malfunction
caused troubles, so we were not able to update the page on the right way.

Next week will have EFiX V2 (100 Pics of Limited Edition) available.
Mass production version V1 will start shipping about 3-4 weeks later.
Both versions cost 80 Euro right now.”

We want to be the first to test their solution and write a full report on the product.
We have a fund open to acquire this wonderful piece of software. It’s up to you guys.

Help us acquire and test the product before it is released to the public :

The goal to reach is only 80 EUR.
Thanks for you help.

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