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FuriouSim unlocks iPhone 3G

Wow! We got this nice little present today from Furious Team, shall we open it ?

To unpack click link below…

It looks professional, very well packaged stuff, we got it from Hong Kong.
Blazing fast delivery, thank you DHL :)

Let see what we got ?

This looks like the Ultimate unlocking solution, we even got a USB device to update
parameters on the SIM, so even if security changes on Iphone, we can still reconfigure it.

OMG, we do not have a locked 3G iPhone to test this out for you guys !!!
It’s damn hard to find one those days, we would be glad if you could help us.
Send us a locked iPhone 3G, we will buy it from you (Switzerland prepaid iPhone).
PLUS We will offer you this complete FuriouSim unlocking kit for free!!!

Contact us : CLICK ME

Check the video, iPhone 3G is WALKING !!! (understand WORKING) :D

And a very interesting tutorial:

Step-by-step How-to unlock 3G iPhone with FuriouSim

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