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Make bootable clone with RSyncX

We are going to setup a bootable clone of your startup partition on another backup partition.
First, get the software, it’s just a GUI that enables easy backups with OS X out-of-the-box
command-line utility : rsync.


Setup a backup partition to hold ur bootable clone.

Be sure that ‘Ignore ownership on this volume’ is not checked. You can verify it by right-click on your backup partition, then expand ownership and Permissions.

Now fire up the RSyncX progie, it’s under Applications->Utility

Supposing that ur startup partition is called hackintosh-1 and your backup partition is called hackintosh-2, apply the following settings:

Fire the synchronise button.
After a while ur bootable clone should be done.
Please try to boot ur clone to test it. Just press F8 at boot and select ur backup partition.
To update ur clone, apply the same setup, but instead of ‘Archive’, select Update, so it will only copy the files that have changed. It’s much faster than doing a complete archive again.


You want more, have a look at RSyncX forums : http://xnews.soad.umich.edu/RsyncX_Forums/

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