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iPhone firmware 2.2 – Jailbreak and Unlock

November 23rd, 2008 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

QuickPwn (Mac) PwnageTool 2.2.1 (Mac) QuickPwn (Win)
[download#26#image] [download#25#image] [download#27#image]

If you need to download the new 2.2 firmware, click the link below

iPhone firmware 2.2 for 2G iPhone firmware 2.2 for 3G
[download#23#image] [download#24#image]

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  • amitabh bacchan

    i downloaded the program but this shit does not anything. i clicked on the exe file and nothing happens. how am I supposed to use this file under xp? man, wtf no fucking instruction

  • amitabh bacchan


  • admin

    Glad to see it worked for you. WTF @#!?#!! Sorry :-)

    The instructions are available in a previous post, since they are the same, no need to rewrite them with each release.

    Anyone who needs instructions, just follow this link : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/07/19/pwnage-20-jailbreak-iphone-3g-now.html

  • Andres

    Hi, I just downloaded the latest version to unlock, the 3G 2.2.1 (5G77) but when I try to lauch the program to unlock it nothing happens, do I have to download the original pwnage tool?

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2009/01/01/iphone-3g-unlock-tutorial-with-yellow-snow.html iPhone 3G unlock tutorial with Yellow Snow » Mac OSx86

    [...] First you will need to update to firmware 2.2 and jailbreak it. All the required software you will need is available here [...]

  • Ammar

    Hello.. i am trying to winpwn it. but whenever i try it comes
    the file iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw has encountered a hash problem would you like to choose another file?
    The firmware is in the same folder as the winpwn
    I have winpwn 2.5 beta 2

  • Ammar

    trying to winpwn 2.2

  • Foxy

    i am not interested in the unlock with yellowsnow (i have a plan w/ at&t), but i want to upgrade to version 2.2 , i have version 2.1 (5F136).ipsw. the new 2.2 (5G77).ipsw i have downloaded to my pwnage tool folder and i am ready to go. my Question is: do i just re-jailbreak through pwnage tool with the new 2.25G77.ipsw or do i upgrade through iTunes to 2.2, then jailbreak it???

  • admin

    Foxy, I would sync your iPhone with iTunes first to be sure all your data is backed up, then restore to the latest firmware 2.2 and use QuickPwn to jailbreak.

    Then sync again with iTunes to restore your data.

    Never upgrade though iTunes a previously pwned firmware, you will loose disk space. Always prefer a restore to an update.

  • Foxy

    so, your saying do not click UPDATE to new version 2.2 on iTunes..!! just click restore….then what version will my phone be at (still 2.1). and then re-jailbreak it with 2.2-5G77.ipsw via QuickPwn (i have mac, and always used Pwnage Tool). I am not interested in yellowsn0w. i just want version 2.2 with jailbreak and Cydia.

  • Jizza

    2.25G77 is easily jailbroken with Quickpwn 2.2 (pc) you get cydia and install app, but the yellowsn0w has not unlocked At&t dependancy (pc) Just bought my phone yesterday it came with 2.25G77. winpwn 2.5 beta 2 wont do it, you keep getting hash errors with all firmware, that sucks. Its almost a really great program

  • Jizza

    Iphone Unlock SuccessI – Tmobile US

    Assuming your iphone is jailbroken, you have cydia and installer on it.
    If not get latest firmware 01/01/2009 (2.2_5G77) and jailbreak with quickpwn2.2(pc) don’t know macs. pawnage tool

    1. Go to bossprefs from cydia search and install
    2. n bossprefs disable 3g edge everything
    3. Reboot using bosspref

    4. install yellowsn0w using Installer4 with at&t sim in phone
    (http://i.yellowsn0w.com/ ) is the source that has to be added in Installer4
    1. Open installer- bottom right hit Sources- top right EDIT- top left hit [+]
    2. http:// is there, type in- i.yellowsn0w.com Hit [Done]
    3. Yellowsn0w is a new source select it
    4. Install …..continue

    5. When asked to reboot go to home n reboot using bosspref
    6. When phone on at lockscreen insert yo desired sim
    7. Go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings (it will reboot)

    Your desired sim should work n 30 sec (you should see searching)

    if not Go to settings n reset network settings n reboot with boss again.

    Note: older sims seem to work no problem. newer sim can’t make out going calls but get in/out sms and incomming calls.

  • SugarMolt

    Okay, so I’ve lost my original AT&T sim card. Can I do the unlock/jailbreak without it?
    I’m currently in Canada on Rogers.

  • Jizza

    The jail break you can, with quickpwn 2.2 The unlock I am not sure of yet.

  • Mark

    I loaded the up date 2.0.2 from i tunes by mistake and it locked my phone I installed the new 2.2 update from macgeek. I then put my old cingular sim in the phone and the phone now is open and now the app’s work but i’m missing my install program and also my cydia program please HELPPP !!!!!!!

  • Mark

    PS : I also think the phone is still locked. Because when I put t mobile sim in it says no service.so i dont know if the phone needs to be jailbroken or unlocked.Also i for got to mentionits a 3G 16 gig

  • Ursula

    I jailbroke my phone with the original 1.1.4 firmware. I would now like to update to 2.2. When I hit update on Itunes, I get the following error: An error occured while backing up this iPhone (-50). Would you like to continue to update this iPhone without backup? Continuing without backup will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone. Which of course I do not want to lose. Please let me know what I can do now.

  • Wes

    I do not need to unlock just want 2 jailbreak I have 2.2 5g77 on
    My iphone and want to jAilbreak without messing my phone up. Any help is greatly apreciAted

  • admin

    Wes, then QuickPwn is definitively for you.

  • Foxy

    Wes, just use QuickPwn. And for everyone else out there DON’T UPGRADE TO 2.2.1 ….. It is only an update from apple trying to stop Yellowsn0w! There are so many people wanting to upgrade to 2.2.1 for some reason, when there is nothing new. Wait for a Real Update from apple, when there is many things in the upgrade that is worth it! Anybody that must have 2.2.1 needs to use PwnageTool to have any unlock (Yellowsn0w). the new PwnageTool 2.2.5 will keep your baseband the same, so you can use Yellowsn0w! I still don’t know why someone would upgrade to 2.2.1 though :)

  • jonBLAZE

    hey all, when i try to use quickpwn22, wiith ipsw 2.2 5g77, quickpwn cant seem to find it in the browse menu, then when i extract it, it says there are multiuple files with the same name and wont extract them, what am i doing wrong?? please help someone

  • Wes

    Can some 1 give me a step by step on how to jailbreak my iphone 2.2 5g77

  • admin

    Wes, man it’s creeping easy to jailbreak it. You just need to plug your iPhone through USB and run QuickPwn. If you want support by chat from us to assist you, just make us a lil’ donation and we will be glad to help you more.

  • Sudhish


    after upgrading the iphone 2g frmo 1.1.4 to 2.2(5G77)
    the EDGE is missing from the iphone. hence I am not able to access internet.
    So could you please tell me how can I access with this..

  • TMN


    I have a question. My iphone is 2.2.1. Do you think I need to upgrade it to 2.2?

  • goodwine23

    i need help unlocking my phone

  • Anonymous

    i need help unlocking my phone