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Cracked iPhone Apps for dummies

November 23rd, 2008 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Installing cracked iPhone apps on your iphone is really easy, it requires you to jailbreak
your iPhone, install OpenSSH, and replace a certain framework known as MobileInstallation.

But still there is an easier method to achieve it, and it works on the latest 2.2 firmware.

Follow the 2 easy steps, click the link below.

First you need to jailbreak your iPhone.
Then go to Cydia installer and add this repo: xsellize.com/cydia
The last step is to install this application : IPA Prep 2.2 MiPatch
MiPatch works now on all firmware up to 2.2.1.

That’s it, now you can install cracked iPhone apps directly through iTunes.

If you really like an application and use it, then please BUY it, they are cheap!

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  • Deon

    Awesome!! Thanks dude…

  • tony

    thanks, you rock!!!!!!

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/07/31/install-free-cracked-iphone-apps.html Install *free* cracked iPhone Apps » Mac OSx86

    [...] UPDATE 12/6/2008 : Cracked iPhone Apps for dummies [...]

  • Evan

    Ok I got every thing where do I find the apps just download them from the apps store

  • X
  • Bobby

    Would anyone happen to know how you can update the apps that were downloaded from the App Store directly that coincide with the cracked apps on my phone? Once I started getting cracked apps, naturally over time, the existing apps on my phone had updates available through the store, and now when I go to update them, the install freezes and lock up, so that I cannot access them. I have deleted these apps since I have been left with inactive icons on the phone, and cannot re-download them through the store. Any new apps that I do not have already have, or have downloaded in the past, I am able to download, but once again, when the updates become available I cannot get them. To make it clear, these are NOT for the cracked apps on my phone, strictly the apps that I had on my phone before the jailbreak. Any assistance on the matter would be much appreciated. Thank you,

  • admin

    Get the updates of the software you purchased through AppStore in iTunes.

    First you need to activate the option to show applications in iTunes, then select Applications in the left menu, then Check for Updates, and download all the available updates for your purchased apps from there. Then simply sync with your iPhone. You may need to delete the old apps from iPhone before syncing.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bobby

    Indeed it did, thank you very much, all of my apps are finally up to date and now I don’t have to deal with that number of updates available icon on my phone. Thanks again, very much appreciated.

  • August

    this did not work. i downloaded something from the app store and i got charged for it after installing ipa prep from cydia

  • admin

    August, doh ! This method allows you to install cracked iPhone apps through iTunes, if you download them from the app store, you need to pay for them.

    You will need to find cracked IPA files, double-click them to import in iTunes then sync with your iPhone. When you like an application, go buy it from the App Store.

    If you don’t like it, just uninstall it.

    Always pay for an application that you like and use, that way you will get the free updates, and developers will me motivated to improve their software.

  • BunjysmuG

    I had high hopes for this working having tried pusing an app over sftp and finding it didn’t show up on springboard.

    I’ve installed IPA Prep 2.2 on my iphone (the correct fw version), and double-clicked the apps into itunes.

    However, when syncing the applications itunes rejects all the *free* apps reporting that they weren’t installed on the iphone because they could not be verified.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

  • Sam

    Hi. I got the same problem as BunjysmuG. When i tried to install a game, i stodd that itnues wasnt able to verify it. Can someone help me?

  • Montez

    Same problem here

  • admin

    Did you guys tried to install first a free app directly from the iPhone then sync your other apps with iTunes ?

  • Vic

    Yeah, doesn´t work for me either :(

  • Geoff

    I had the same problem. You’ll find that if you install the IPA PREP 2 instead of the IPA PREP 2.2 through cydia it should work.

  • abdulla

    how do i verify them

  • J-Lo

    When i try to type in the repo “xsellize/cydia” i get an error message that comes up,i tried http”//xsellize/cydia.com” too, and got the same message,help ??

  • admin

    J-Lo you need to type : http://xsellize.com/cydia

    (Stupid bitch)


  • Spyt

    I can not get this to work either

  • ardit

    Hey, i download IPA prep thingi for my 2.2 unlocked iphone, Um how does this work, do i just download an app from a third party site, add it to my itunes and just sync with my phone? Or do i have to SSH it and just dump it in the mobile, applications folder.

  • Bobby

    Nope, no SSH required, it syncs it as a regular app, as long as you have IPAprep.

  • Altair

    IPAprep wont work if you don’t download first a free app/game from app store , than you sync your iphone with cracked apps

  • al

    does this work with windows xp?

  • admin

    al, of course it works.
    IPA Prep is an iphone app that you install through cydia.
    It will patch a framework on your iPhone.

  • al

    if you get “application could not be verified” error, install the IPA PREP 2 instead of the IPA PREP 2.2 through cydia it should work.

  • tore

    WOOO!! this is the only thing that works that i can find! THANKS

  • Struuggle

    I couldn’t install IPA Prep 2.2 on my iPhone 2.2 firmware – it gives me the error message “Size mismath” Can someone help me? Please! Thanks!!

  • ……

    read previous posts before asking questions…… Install ipa prep 2 INSTEAD of ipa 2.2

  • MOON

    hi there, i did all those steps and even i-tunes installed that app in my i-phone but every time i try to open that app in my i-phone it says ” This Application cannot be opened ” any solution for that?????….and by the way i already checked those apps are for i-phone….Please help me out …THANKS in advance

  • flanz dominique

    OMG….thz dude..
    u guys are geniuses……
    i got back all the cracked apps on my iphone..

  • vc

    it works .thank u so much……………….

  • mauser

    Works great! Thanks a lot!

    for anyone who needs apps, appulo.us is the way to go!

  • dank

    i followed the instructions and installed a free game then proceeded to install apps that cost $$…i look under purchase history and it says i bought them… wth…? i was under the impression as long as were doing it itunes and not app store its free…but now that i read more looks like i have to find a crack ipa app and load it into itunes…i cant directly download them thru itunes?

  • dank

    so ya..def can only get the cracked games then load them thru itunes…just in case anyone is confused like i was..my mistake cost me $13 lol. good luck!

  • gREG



    REBOOT after installing then apps will work!

  • john

    i followed the steps that you suggest but after the apps have been installed to my ipodtouch when i tap on the icon a pop up appears which says ” the”XXXX” cannot be opened

  • Tim

    i followed the steps and have mipatch on my ipod but when i try to get the cracked app from itunes it says its not verified i cant find any of the ipa prep things in cydia please help

  • Ray

    Worked perfectly super easy and quick now i can sync all my cracked apps via itunes thx a bunch :)

  • iHacker

    will this work itunes 9? xP

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    For iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1, you need to install AppSync 3.1 from the following Cydia repository : http://repo.beyouriphone.com, cheers.

  • iHacker

    thanx! xP@admin

  • iHacker

    it says i need to upgrade to 3.1 any help@admin