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Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !

Today is the day, you gotta love sundays!
After many, many cryptic messages on the dev team blog, they finally decided it’s stable enough to release it! The new Pwnage tool 2.0 is out. It will activate, unlock and jailbreak your 2G iPhone, and “jailbreak only” your new 3G iPhone. No 3G unlock yet!

Pwnage has a very nice interface, but nevertheless it’s still a bit complicated to use if
you have no idea what you are doing. Therefore, to help you pwn your iPhone, we wrote
a very detailled guide. We are glad to see many of you already succeeded with our tutorial.

- People with old iPhone V1 (2G) will need to download this firmware from Apple :
- People with new iPhone V2 (3G) will need to download this firmware from Apple :

UPDATE: Assure you have iTunes 7.7, and restore your iPhone to stock 2.0 firmware.
iTunes will backup all your data before proceeding.
Once restored, iPhone should tell you to connect to iTunes, no panic.
Your iPhone is now ready to be pwned!

Please also download the bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 : here

Fire up PwnageTool 2.0 and select the type of your device and Simple Mode :

Click on the next button and select your ipsw file you downloaded earlier:

Select No on the following screen:

Select Yes on the following screen and browse to BL-39.bin file you downloaded :

Do the same steps for 4.6 bootloader as you did for 3.9 bootloader, select No :

Select Yes :

Browse to the BL-46.bin file you downloaded earlier :

In the next screen, select yes as it is your first time you are building the custom firmware:

Pwnage will ask you next if you own an AT&T subscription, or you have an officially
unlocked iPhone like one you can get in many European countries.
If you need activation and unlock reply No, otherwise reply YES :

Wait while Pwnage is building your 2.0 custom firmware :

Enter your mac OS X password when required :

Is you iPhone already running a pwned firmware or not ?
If you restored to a stock Apple’s firmware, you should reply NO.
If you run 1.1.4 pwned by Pwnage 1.2, reply YES.
Select NO if you are not sure!

Now if you selected NO, you need to connect your iPhone to your mac now.
It will use DFU mode to restore the custom firmware on an unpwned iPhone:

Your iPhone should then be in DFU mode :

Close Pwnage application and fire-up iTunes. It should detect your iPhone in recovery mode.

Click OK, then restore to your custom firmware that is on your Desktop.
You need to hold the Option key and hit restore button.
Then choose your custom IPSW from your desktop.

If you choose that you have no legit iPhone, BootNeuter application will start on your
iPhone to activate it and unlock it. Let it run before you use your iPhone.

Congrats, you got a pwned iPhone with 2.0 firmware.
That is activated, unlocked, jailbroken with Cydia installer.

Old community applications are not yet compatible with the new 2.0 firmware.
So you need to wait developers to update their software.
Patience, they will show up in Cydia installer.

skr3dii, out.

Some useful tips from the dev team :

P.S. If you get Error 1600 from iTunes (or if you see in your log a failure to prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw), try: mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” ;
if that directory already exists, remove any files in it. Then re-run PwnageTool.

P.P.S. If DFU restores are giving you trouble, another route to pwned 2.0 for 1G owners
is to use first pwnage at 1.1.4. Once you are pwned there, you can do a normal
recovery-mode restore to your custom 2.0 ipsw. BTW the iPhone does *not* need to be
pre-pwned to be able to DFU-restore into a pwned ipsw — it needs to be pre-pwned only
for normal recovery-mode restores of custom ipsw’s.

P.P.P.S. Mail application not working at 2.0? Please restore to your custom ipsw (you don’t
need to DFU restore if you are pwned, normal restore will work now too) but then
select “Set up as a new iPhone” when iTunes asks.
Your first sync will bring back all of your settings anyway.

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  • Lane

    where is the extended post? link?

    Thank You!!!!!!! :-))))

    So will this allow the 2.0 3G phones to run app store apps and AppTap installer apps together? I’m on AT&T already so don’t personally care about that part. just want my SMB prefs and themes back more than anything.

  • chris

    you forgot a link to the extended post guy….

  • Jesse

    Where is the extended link?!?

  • Raj

    Where is the extended post???

  • Renan

    Hi guys!!

    just had some problems to jailbreak the new 3g but it’s already past.. very easy.
    1 – with iPhone switched off
    2 – leave iTunes open (it worked for me)
    3 – open the pwnage tool
    4 – select device
    5 – select the packet data that appears on window/ continue
    6 – once is done should direct to screen that helps you to put the device in DFU mode, follow instructions you must pay attention. easy but tricky
    7 – when you are on the iTunes screen (holding the option key = alt) press restore, and it should open new window.
    8 – look for the packet created on your desktop, select it. and run the restore.

    while is loading the update you should see a pineapple on your iPhone screen

    if any questions just make a reply i’ll be arround.

    Bye everyone

  • http://www.twitter.com/zeonardo Zeonardo

    Extended link…
    Perhaps it’s somewhere and I’m missing?

  • John

    I have a pwned 1st gen iphone and am trying to update to 2.0. When I try to restore with the custom firmware I get error 2001. Any ideas?

  • Ian
  • Pete

    Having trouble witht the firmware file, it just looks like a normal folder icon how do i make it a .ipsw file

  • admin

    Pete, try downloading with firefox.
    Safari will unpack the ipsw.

  • Pete

    dont worry found out, if anyone has the same problem re-zip the file and rename it .ipsw

  • Jess

    ok so if i have windows xp and i have 2.0 firmware ipod touch purchased last october and was never jailbroken, i cant jailbreak it? i realize everyone whose been jailbreaking tonight is on a mac..

  • Jose M

    I have an unlocked first generation iphone 1.1.4.
    I would like to know if after upgrading to firmware 2.0 the iphone will still be unlocked?
    Should I upgrade firmware using itunes, and the use the pwnage tool to jailbreak?
    I want to be sure that after this process my first gen iphone with 2.0 jailbroken, will still be unlocked.
    Help is appreciated.

  • wirespy

    I installed the custom_restore.ipsw and see the Pineapple logo cept my phone is not activated. I thought this tool would jailbreak, activate, enable 3rd party apps with Installer, enable Apple AppStore and also it will unlock the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

    How do I get my iphone 2.5G activated????

  • wirespy

    Nevermind, I figured out how to create a custom package including activation in EXPERT MODE, nice!

  • Pete

    how do you put the phone in DFU, i keep getting a screen that says its failed to go in to DFU mode

  • Jose M

    wirespy c are to share some tips, you seem to know much more than me about this.

  • Pete

    just bricked my phone, waiting for it to restore, having trouble putting it in DFU mode

  • Jose M

    to put in DFU i read something about pushing power button and home button at the same time for ten secs, then relesing power, but not home.
    I am not su100% sure..
    wish i could be more helpful

  • Mike

    The program never asks for any bootloader. It goes directly to the “we will now create an ipsw” screen. Then later fails the dfu mode.

  • Jad

    I get the same problem as Pete. Something about U Fail can’t go in DFU mode. Was the iPhone meant to be connected the whole time?

  • Dennis M

    I also keep getting failed DFU, trying many different ways

  • scott

    I went through everything and it all seemed to work, but it is now unactivated. When iTunes launched (after the restore), it says that an invalid SIM is inserted. How do you get it to activate and unlock? I don’t see anything about bootneuter.

  • Jose M

    Scott I have the same issue here. Any ideas?

  • Mike G

    If you are having problems entering DFU Mode:

    mkdir “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” where ~ is your user directory (usually your name)

    If you don’t have that directory the tool will fail!!

  • Gunnar

    Ska man ha 7.7 på iTunes?

  • andy

    So do we just create a folder in the iTunes folder and call it Device Support?

  • Gunnar

    Are u going 2 have 7.7 in itunes?

  • 34

    Anyone know if this will change any network settings that might cause it to use a different system & end up w/ a $5000 packet bill (this happened to a friend of mine that unlocked his WinCE smartphone)?

  • Dennis M

    urg, having some issues, ill wait for devteam to talk more “soon”

  • admin

    Just opened a new forum for you guys : http://forum.macgeekblog.com/viewforum.php?f=11

    Do not hesitate to post your issues, tips, etc…

  • admin

    Whoops, almost 5 am here, I need to catch some sleep.
    Happy pwnage everyone!

  • andy

    using iTunes 7.7, 1st gen iPhone upraded to 2.0 from jailbroken 1.14

    I made a Device Support folder in the iTunes directory and successfully got in DFU mode. Pwnage told me to quit the app and install my custom firmware.
    How do I do that?

  • Ian

    you open iTunes, it’ll say the phone needs to be restored, hold down Option and click the Restore button, this will give you a dialog box asking you to find an ipsw file, so select the 2.0 Custom ipsw file you created on your desktop with PwnageTool.

  • andy

    WTF!? So I thought it was strange that the app asked for my admin password during the process, and now all of a sudden I have another computer connected via network called ‘thompson’?

    There are no other computers anywhere (I mean anywhere, I’m in a very remote location) near me at all, so wtf?

  • Jon

    Hey i keep getting an error 6

    any idea whY?

  • Jon

    i only get an error 6

  • Mike G

    Here’s what I experienced and if it helps you guys great. First you MUST have the (username)/library/itunes/device support
    folder for the tool to not fail. Second is you need to have your iphone unplugged until the tool tells you to connect it to usb. THEN follow the tool prompts to enter dfu mode. It really is well done as it tells you what to press and for how long with a countdown and everything. IF you fail it will let you try again. THEN it will tell you to go into iTunes and restore the phone using the custom ipsw it just created on the desktop (I beleive it’s hold “option” and click restore and it will let you chose the ipsw file to restore from).
    Hope this helps.

  • Connor

    i cant figure out hhow to jailbreak my iphone 3g its not working when i do it. it says that it’s the wrong firmware when i clicked on the firmware that i downloaded from this website. i need to figure it out!!!!

  • andy

    haha, so I’m thinking that ‘thompson’ is an old name for this iPhone (I got it from a friend when he got his 3G).

    Anyway, successfully Pnwned.

    Just to recap.

    1st gen iPhone – V1.14 previously jailbroken and upgraded to 2.0 before running pwnage tool.

    iTunes 7.7

    Needed to create a new folder called ‘Device Support’ in the iTunes folder in my libary. ie: “~/Library/iTunes/Device Support” where ~ is your user directory (usually your name) (Thanks Mike G) to allow the iPhone to enter DFU mode.

    Some fancy finger work is needed to hold down the power and home buttons in the right order for the right amount of time, but you get to re-try when you mess up :)

    Once thats all done youre told to quit the app and restore the iPhone via iTunes.

    Option + Click on the restore button in iTunes to browse you mac and select the IPSW file pwnage created on your desktop. (Thanks Ian)

    It’ll run through restore mode and everything else without any input needed by yourself and finally reboot with nice fresh 2.0 software and unlocked for my very non at&t sim card.

  • Pete

    Mike G, did everything you said had my iphone unpluged and when it packed the .ispw file it came up with the failed to enter DFU mode, the phone wasnt pluged in and didnt ask me to plug it in, i have made the device support file in my library aswell

  • Pete

    to everyone that has Pnwned there iphone where you using an old iphone or the new 3G iphone

  • feDe

    Thanks for the guide! Worked like a charme! =)

  • phyburn

    @pete the problem is your device support FOLDER. Run this command in your terminal: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/Device\ Support/

    That will fix your problem. Don’t say you already have that folder just lulz me and run that command! When you are done do:

    cd ~/Library/iTunes/Device\ Support/

    Make sure when you run the ls you don’t see anything.


  • Javier

    I put (an error) bootleader version 3.9 and i have the other (4.6) and now i run PWnage tool and i cant change the bootleader version!…Please help!..how can i do that!!


  • Squuiid

    Ok, would someone mind answering me this?
    From what I can tell, once we have the _Custom_.ipsw file, can this be used to restore from DFU with iTunes on a PC and NOT a Mac?

    Need to VNC into Mom’s PC in England from my Mac here in US and Pwn her phone!
    Does the ipsw file work fine with iTunes on a PC? If so, I can just ftp the file to her and upgrade with just iTunes 7.7 on the PC.

  • willyboy

    Works great.. Thank you! If you only have windows, just go to the mac store and use one of there computers////

  • willyboy

    “their” I am a dipshit

  • Ty

    Everything seemed to run fine but when I put in my TMobile sim I get:

    The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

  • Adrian

    my phone is stuck in DFU. its a 2g. please someone help!

  • Pete

    thanks everyone, especialy Mike G and phyburn, Iphone is jailbreaking as i type this thanks again. Anyone know any apps that work with 2.0

  • steph

    hi there,
    just tried to open up pwnage tool. no chance no window appearing! do i first have to restore the phone?? any help?

  • Pete

    Unplug your IPhone before doing the following steps

    1 – Open Terminal
    2- Run this command: mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/Device\ Support/
    Then run: cd ~/Library/iTunes/Device\ Support/
    3 – open the pwnage tool
    4 – select device
    5 – select the packet data that appears on window/ continue
    6 – once is done should direct to screen that helps you to put the device in DFU mode, follow instructions you must pay attention. easy but tricky
    7 – when you are on the iTunes screen (holding the option key = alt) press restore, and it should open new window.
    8 – look for the packet created on your desktop, select it. and run the restore.

    These 8 steps where made by everyone that has posted on here

  • david

    I just finished, i choose to backup my iphone thinking i would get just mucic and contacts, etc… i ended up getting all of my old apps from 1.1.4 installer. everything was running extremely slow. anyone else have this issue? I am trying right now as a new phone

  • david

    just finished, everything works fine. I’d recommend not doing a restore of settings.

  • steph

    year thanks a lot pete! but i still have the problem, that there opens no window for the selection of the device… has the phone to be connected in recovery mode before launching pwnagetool?

  • Adrian

    it seems be turning on and off by itself and then going back into DFU mode… :(

  • Vagabundo23

    Why I try to install PwnageTools 2.0 and it bounce in dock and don’t open

  • Paul

    Hi all,

    I have just woken up in Hong Kong to find a nice little present waiting for me.

    I was lucky enough to get the new iPhone 3G on Monday and so gave my wife my old jailbroken iphone (used ziphone) at 1.1.4 version.

    When I saw that you could not get installer yet, I decided I did not need mine broken as all I wanted was the installer app to get some old apps that I used to have like SMB and lexitron (love that game )

    So I downloaded the pawnage tool and the restore versions along with the bootloader versions. I unzipped the bootloader versions.

    I then turned my wife’s iPhone into DFU mode and docked it. I then ran the pawnage tool and selected the correct formware and found the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders. It then made the firmware no problem and then it said it failed to get into DFU mode and asked if I wanted to try again, I said yes and it allowed me to turn off the iPhone and then it fired up and gave instructions on screen to get it into DFU mode which I followed and then all worked OK. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes for the restore process to work and you get several message in itunes along the way telling you what is happening.

    The iphone then fires up and bootneuter does it’s work.

    It then resets one more time and all is OK, one jailbroken 2g iPhone with ver 2.0 firmware.

    It then also allowed me to put the apps I had purchased at the app store for my 3g iphone onto my wife’s phone. Everything working OK, no problems with mail or safari wihch I read has been a problem for some people.

    All in all, my wife is now very happy and is playing bejeweled as we speak. She misses lexitron alos but we can wait until someone upgrades this for 2.0 or it get onto the app store…

    cheers dev team,


  • steveo

    hi all. the instructions work well, i had to try a couple of times, finally worked :) but one little problem, now my phone has no network carrier (ie, no phone service) i can unlock my sim, but nothing happens after that. Otherwise, everything else works perfect, thanks

  • Playstation

    Mine was running smooth until I got the custom firmware restored.. for some reason when it boots up I see that pinnaple logo, then after a few seconds it restarts again and again (loop),

    Any ideas

  • http://ixii.wordpress.com/2008/07/20/pawnage-20/ Pawnage 2.0 « My blog!

    [...] Some guides I’ve found so far: Macgeekblog [...]

  • Pete

    steph, you dont need to put the iphone in recovery mode before running pwnage, if you have already put it in recovery mode then restore it using itunes with un hacked firmware, itunes will download this itself, when the iphone is recovered run the terminal comands then run pwnage and follow the steps

  • http://www.moesportsblog.com maurice no

    So I just did everything and my iphone is now unlocked! Yay! But can i sync now or will that un do it?

  • http://www.gsm-forum.eu/iphone/19268-pwnage-2-0-jailbreak-iphone-3g-now-unlock-iphone-2-0-step-step-tutorial.html#post53163 Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now + Unlock for iPhone 2.0 step by step tutorial – GSM Forum Europe

    [...] when required : Is you iPhone already running a pwned firmware or not ? If you restored to a [COLOR=#42AFDC ! important][COLOR=#42AFDC ! important]stock[/color][/color] Apple

  • Ty

    Tried it like 3 times

    Everything seemed to run fine but when I put in my TMobile sim I get:

    The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

  • mark iv

    .My phone is activated and jailbroken thanks to you guys..How do I verify the unlock really worked? I used a diff sim other than ATT and the phone went to the emergency screen with the USB cable and Itunes logo.
    Pleas Help

  • nd

    Squuiid, I did exactly that – made the custom ispw file on my mac, transferred it to my Windows laptop, and restored using the custom ispw on my Windows machine.

  • Greg

    Great. Downloaded it, but the program doesn’t seem to fully launch. I’m just left with the icon in the dock, and in the menu (and you can’t access any sub menus from that). Any clues gratefully followed.

  • steph

    how ever i try. there is no launch of pwnagetool. just as greg described… any solution?

  • punk
  • jont

    I’m on a 1st gen phone. I performed a restore on my phone prior to running Pwnage2. The benefit is that it will create a backup of firmware which is placed in the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support folder (so don’t erase that file!). It will also upgrade you to 2.0, so make sure you select “No” when Pwnage2 asks you if your iPhone has been pwned.

    Great work devteam! Great tutorial macgeek!


  • vmx

    i have the same problem with the pwnagetool dont start
    any solution?

  • Pete

    only thing i can think of is 2 delete the program and re download it

  • Gianluca

    Jailbreak a legit 3G iPhone…..

    These are the exact steps i followed:

    1. With iTunes closed, the iPhone unplugged and an empty ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support folder created, open the Pwnage tool. (very important as I could not get it to work with iTunes open and the phone plugged in)
    2. Pick 3G phone
    3.Select pre-downloaded firmware
    4.Click ok to continue creating .ispw file on desktop
    5. I clicked yes to legit iPhone user (because i am).
    6.Entered my password when required
    7.I clicked “No” to indicate i had never used pwned my phone before. Pwnage tells me to connect my phone to USB. (iTunes will open)
    8.Follow the simple on screen instructions to enter DFU mode.
    9.Restore (Command + click-Restore) the phone using the .ipsw file created in step 4.
    …pineapple appears on iphone and short while later itunes will say your phone is restored to factory defaults (factoy pwned defaults that is ;)

    Hope this helps somebody

  • http://www.dreamplusstudio.com/blog/?p=730 DreamPlus Studio™ Blog – Pwnage Tool 2.0 now released (Mac version)

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  • http://iphonefan.com/blog/2008/07/19/pwnage-tool-20-liberado/ » Pwnage Tool 2.0 liberado » iPhoneFan

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  • Christian

    Steph: I got two Macbook Pro’s and I had the same problem with the pwnage tool not starting on the first computer it tried to use it on. Switch computer and now it works. Strange.

    The computer it works on was bought in February 08 and the other one was bought in May 08. So… maybe it’s some kind of firmware related stuff on your computer?

  • http://www.muymac.com/2008/07/20/pwnage-tool-20-desbloquea-el-iphoneipod-touch-para-actualizarse-al-firmware-20/ Pwnage Tool 2.0 desbloquea el iPhone/iPod touch para actualizarse al firmware 2.0

    [...] gente de Macgeekblog ha publicado una pequeña guía paso a paso para hacer el jailbreaking de un iPhone de primera [...]

  • http://www.iphoneclub.nl/forum/f14/iphone-modding/f17/iphone-1-0-jailbreak-unlock/16747-pwnage-tool-2-0-verzameltopic-13.html#post147002 Pwnage Tool 2.0 – Verzameltopic – Pagina 13 – iPhone Forum – alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G

    [...] Vond deze link, misschien hulpzaam voor sommigen onder ons, waaronder mezelf Macgeekblog [...]

  • Pete

    made a torrent of the file if anyones haveing trouble downloading it


  • Pete

    christian, i brought my mac in may 08 and have every software update that has been released and it opened first time for me

  • vmx


    You have mac with leopard 10.5.4 i know this OS have trouble with pwtool

    if you can run the software with the leopard 10.5.4 can you upload a tutorial please.
    thank you

  • AJ

    I followed all the steps and everything worked except now all my phone does is blink with a pineapple.. anybody have any answers?

  • vmx

    only 1 anserw what is you OS ?

  • http://www.jaganath.net/content/mobile/got-the-iphone-20-firmware/226 Got the iPhone 2.0 firmware! — Digital Rover

    [...] For a comprehensive guide on how to carryout the unlock process, refer to this post. [...]

  • AJ

    Mac tiger

  • Chris

    OK! BIG THANKS! –>> BUT!

    I am having EXACTLY the same problem as STEVEO (POST # 59 above) where everything works PERFECTLY but . . .

    I don’t get a carrier logo / singnal / 3G icon and cannot make a phone call.

    WTF??? Please help! Im still trying again.

    A thousand thanks!

  • http://www.mikefalk.com Michael

    Worked great! Small hiccup but works now when I did the following…

    Had to download OpenSSH from Cydia and login under root through terminal and do the following though to make mail.app and safari.app work…

    chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library/Mail
    chown mobile /var/mobile/Library/Cookies/
    chown mobile /var/mobile/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist

    Hope this helps!

  • rotarian

    it seems be turning on and off by itself and then going back into DFU mode… can anyone give advise on what I did wrong during the process??

  • David

    hi i just did all the steps and well , when i turn on the phone it apears the dev-logo but after that the phone its locked (i dont have the att sim) and i cant use nothing just emergency calls
    what can i do????????

  • http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showuser=123 macgirl

    The Pwnage did the Jailbreak and installed Cydia (with some apps) but it broke the SIM recognition (Mexican iPhone with Telcel as only valid carrier).

  • jordan

    i have completed the unlock of my 3G iphone and everything looks good except that it isn’t reading my ATT account anymore. I can connect to wifi and have the cydia installer, but it isn’t associating with my ATT account. any suggestions? i’ve tried restarting it to no avail. thanks.

  • http://smartech.blogetery.com/2008/07/20/iphone-3g-pwnage-20-jailbreak-goes-live/ iPhone 3G: Pwnage 2.0 Jailbreak Goes Live

    [...] Mind you, there are plenty of people trying to get this one so be patient as you download those 19.7MB. Full instractions can be found in here. [...]

  • http://www.ouvre.com/2008/07/20/iphone-20.html » iPhone 2.0 – Ouvre’s corner

    [...] avoir lu des pages et des pages des forums, je vous linke LE tutorial très bien fait ici (étape par étape) qui contient les liens vers les firmwares et bootloaders indispensables à [...]

  • n

    If it fail with “unable to enter DFU mode” just enter retore mode manually, then open itunes. It will recognize an iphone in restore mode. Manually select the ipsw file on your desktop by holding the option key while pressing restore

  • adam

    has anyone successfully jailbroken an AT&T 3g iphone and still have phone service?

  • Chris

    OK UPDATE! I WAS having the same problem as “Steveo” (post # 59 above) where everything worked perfectly except after restoring from the NEW, custom image . . . . no carrier logo / no service / no 3G icon.

    BUT! I fixed it!!!!

    I rebuild a new custom image using EXPERT MODE –>> TURNING ACTIVATE iPHONE OFF before building custom image.

    I am a legit iphone user and don’t need to use another carrier’s SIM. . . . I just want the iPhone Jailbroken to have SSH access etc.


    1. mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/Device” “Support
    Empty / delete that folder and make sure there is a new one EMPTY

    2. remove the iPhone from the USB connection
    Put iPhone Firmware 2.0 Folder containing –>> iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw on desktop


    Expert mode but TURN ACTIVATE OFF before building if legit iPhone user.
    (Experienced errors three times on July 19th with no carrier / service after building custom restore )


    Before the prompt for admin password the image will open. Insert Custom icons / sounds / make custom alterations before continuing for a ready custom restore image with all the iPhone goodies ALREADY IN!

    5. PAWNAGE TOOL will prompt for what to do next. Connect iPhone to USB and follow prompts exactly into DFU mode.

    6. When prompted QUIT PWNAGE TOOL.

    7. Itunes will idenitfy the phone in DFU mode just OPTION CLICK the RESTORE button and select new custom image.

    DONE!!!! WORKS!!! THANKS!!!

    Now if this will work for ANY SIM with ACTIVATION of NOT AT&T customers . . . .that would be AWESOME.
    Please post if you know HOW or WHY it won’t work if I choose ACTIVATE IPHONE before the build.

    - I have a iPhone 3G with AT&T service (two different AT&T SIMS and both phone numbers – both working!)
    - 24″ new iMAC with OSX.5.4 Leopard & iTunes 7.7
    - SSH access no problem now!

    BIG THANKS!!!!

  • uma

    Successfully updated an iPhone 2.5G from 1.1.4 to 2.0. It works just as advertised.

    Does the 2.0 firmware add a new “contacts” widget to the iphone as one seems to have appeared on my home screen? Is it something the pwnage tool does?

  • http://myfreeiphone.co.uk/wordpress/?p=594 iPhone 2.0 hack: it took just nine days | The Free Iphone 3G blog

    [...] instructions available yet, but a good summary of what to do, and how to do it is available here. I’ve also included some of my notes here too.Pwning your phone, as it is now being referred [...]

  • terry

    i have a unlocked 1.1.4 iphone…(probably unlocked with ziphone but not sure as mobile phone company unlocked it) and i want to use the new pwnage tool to get it to 2.0.

    can i just use the pwnage tool right away?


    restore to 1.1.4 original firmwire via itunes and then update to 2.0 via itunes and then use the pwnage tool?

    i first brought my iphone after the 9th Nov if that helps?

    Thank You so much!

  • uma

    terry: mine was a 1.1.4 unlocked with ziphone and I just used the pwnage tool right away. no problems at all.

  • Iain Benson

    I am having exactly the same problem with my O2 sim in the UK – it will not connect to the phone network any more!

  • adam

    chris thanks for the directions but im stuck kinda early on.

    I have downloaded the firmware for the 3g from the link at the top of the page. However pwnage cant find the ispw so it goes to expert mode. Then when I browse for the file I can find the file i downloaded (extracted) but there is nothing in the contents I can open….

  • http://www.iphoneclub.nl/forum/f14/iphone-modding/f17/iphone-1-0-jailbreak-unlock/16747-pwnage-tool-2-0-verzameltopic-17.html#post147156 Pwnage Tool 2.0 – Verzameltopic – Pagina 17 – iPhone Forum – alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G

    [...] Handige tutorial voor iedereen die er niets van snapt: Mac OSx86 [...]

  • http://www.iphoneclub.nl/forum/f14/iphone-modding/f17/iphone-1-0-jailbreak-unlock/16747-pwnage-tool-2-0-verzameltopic-17.html#post147158 Pwnage Tool 2.0 – Verzameltopic – Pagina 17 – iPhone Forum – alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G

    [...] Handige tutorial voor iedereen die er niets van snapt: Unlock, jailbreak [...]

  • http://blogs.zdnet.com/mobile-gadgeteer/?p=1289 The Mobile Gadgeteer mobile edition

    [...] out the MacGeek blog for the step-by-step instructions with screenshots that I followed to jailbreak and SIM unlock my [...]

  • http://www.iphoneclub.nl/forum/f14/iphone-modding/f17/iphone-1-0-jailbreak-unlock/16747-pwnage-tool-2-0-verzameltopic-18.html#post147167 Pwnage Tool 2.0 – Verzameltopic – Pagina 18 – iPhone Forum – alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G

    [...] stap uitgelegd met plaatjes) dwz Iphone uitzetten etc… Dan lukt het wel. Meer uitleg (Engels) Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now ! Mac OSx86 Legit betekend officieel, aangezien 99,9% een illegale, immers 1e versie Iphone heeft, dus hier [...]

  • Iain Benson

    Thanks for the tip Chris, I just recreated the custom image for my 3G iphone with activate iphone turned OFF. It now works fine and I can connect to O2 no problem. Woohoo!

  • Chris

    IAIN !!!! Excellent!!! – My Pleasure!

    Woohoo is right!

    @ADAM –>> I had exactly the same problem at first because SAFARI was set (in Safri preferences) to “auto open Safe Files after downloading”.

    Turn that OFF.

    YOU WANT AN .IPSW file – without a ZIP extension – that looks like a package icon resembling a piece of LEGO (cube)

    If you are seeing a “folder” with 2 dmg files and a few more files and folders, PAWNAGE will not recognize it as something you can choose to build from.

    PAWNAGE also seems to look on the DESKTOP for the .ipsw file.
    I had mine INSIDE A FOLDER that I named “IPhone Firmware 2.0 Orig” and pwnage tool just found it.

    Good luck!

  • Lisa

    thanks for all the instructions and comments, works a treat!
    I did make one stupid mistake which some others may also have done judging by some of the above comments- when restoring after successful pwnage, i selected the wrong restore file from my desktop and so bootneuter did not start up and i was stuck with the invalid sim card message and emergency calls only. I just reran the pwnage tool and selected the right file next time.


  • Q


    do you confirm I need to restore my iphone with “iPhone 2.0 (5A347) firmware for 2G (3998)” before running pwnagetool ? (and how do i restore?)

    many thanks

    iPhone 1.1.4. US jailbreak + unlock with Ziphone

  • Q

    2 questions :
    1, should i upgrade iTunes to 7.7
    2, may i upgrade iTunes to 7.7 ? (before or after pwnage)


  • yo

    I’m also a bit confused beacause I used Ziphone on a first gen Iphone, should I click as the Iphone was pwned before or click as it was never ?

    Any help guys ? I couldn’t find this specific answer nowhere

  • uma

    Q: There is no need to restore before running pwnage too. Just follow the instructions on this page. It works perfectly. I did mine on iTunes 7.7 with no problems at all. So upgrade away.

    yo: Using ziphone before doesn’t mean that your phone has been pwned before. So you want to click no.

  • yo

    Thanks Uma , I was really wondering because Ziphone use common tools with the iphone dev team. I’m going to try that with this option now ;-)

  • GregHK

    Just a quick thanks to the developers and this blog. I upgraded to 2.0 and everything works ok. From jailbroken (using Liberty) original iPhone.

  • http://www.iphonemedia.nl/iphone-unlock-handleidingen-voor-pwnage-tool-20/434/ iPhone Media.nl » Blog Archive » iPhone unlock: Handleidingen voor Pwnage Tool 2.0

    [...] (Mac en Windows)) – Hackint0sh (Pwnage tool 2.0) – Coachhowland (The Joshua Tree – Pwnage 2.0) – Macgeekblog (Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !) Stem of voeg toe [...]

  • http://www.10100.org/?p=1329 Ten One Hundred » Blog Archive » Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now ! » Mac OSx86

    [...] Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now ! » Mac OSx86. This entry was posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2008 at 10:08 am and is filed under Blog. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. [...]

  • http://www.aioforum.com/apple_ipod-iphone_hacks/45925-jailbreak_iphone_3g_now_unlock_iphone.html#post91023 Jailbreak iPhone 3G now + Unlock for iPhone

    [...] when required : Is you iPhone already running a pwned firmware or not ? If you restored to a [COLOR=#42AFDC ! important][COLOR=#42AFDC ! important]stock[/color][/color] Apple

  • whitecomet

    I need help. I tried it close to 10 times already, Im using an iPhone 2.5G. I know I did the DFU right as it says on the pwnage tool. now when my phone connects itunes just says “waiting for iPod” (in my case its iPhone) then after a couple of minutes it will just give me an error that the ipod isnt recognized please unplug and plug it again, i tried it but nothing happens.

  • Johnny

    I’m running 10.5.4 on a Core 2 Duo and simple mode doesn’t work! The damn thing never finds the .ipsw file, even tho it’s in the same directory and the extension is correct, and I downloaded with Firefox. So that forces me to use ‘expert’ mode, which I’m a little leery of! Does anyone know how to get it to find it? I’ve tried putting the file on the desktop.

  • cranky… and tested

    this does not work on my G4!!!

    brought file (on a flash drive) to local Apple store… worked perfectly… except for the fact that I’m not an administrator there, so I couldn’t ACTUALLY do squat.

    But at least I know the file works on other machines.

    … so, until Apple sends the FREAKIN REPLACEMENT MBP for the one that fried my iphone… I’m stuck in the stone age.

    fyi… I’m rather sure it’s the G4… someone mind confirming?

  • Edwin

    Does this work on PPC Mac’s??

  • Playstation

    I tried a few times already, but at the end it just keeps on restarting (pinaple logo for a few seconds then it restarts again.. and so on)

    any ideas guys?

  • Abraham – Mexico


    Hey guys, I’ve been trying to make Pwnage Tool open on my Mac since yesterday but it wasn’t working. It was simply jumping up and down on the dock forever, even after I restarted and installed it from different sources. If you want it to work on your mac DO THE FOLLOWING!!!!!!

    1. Go to Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor
    2. In Activity Monitor, from the top Drop Down choose “All Processes”
    3. Double Click on Pwnage Tool 2.0
    4. While its bouncing on the desktop, in the Actitivies Monitor, locate a Process called “ps”
    5. Highlight “ps” and at the top of the Activity Monitor click “Quit Process”
    6. It will ask you if you are sure, Click “Okay”
    7. At this point, (once the “ps” Process has quit) the bouncing Pwnage Tool will settle and OPEN!

    I hope this helps! It worked on my computer as well as my friends’ and my boyfriends computers! Wish you luck, the Pwnage Tool is fucking awesome!

    THANKS FOR THE TOOL DEV TEAM!!!!! Greetings from the Texas-Mexico Border! (I have asked they consider posting this as “Update 7″ there are lots of people who are having trouble opening the Tool on their macs) GOOD LUCK!

  • David – Singapore

    Guys, I need help, after having done everything it keeps failing to get into the DFU mode….. how do I get it to recognize that I’m in That mode already.

  • roos

    I have this annoying problem, I can’t get the restore ISPW to work, Im just getting this error 6 all the time, any solutions? I have made a full restore thru iTunes before using the Pwnage tool.

  • http://meebz.blogspot.com meebz

    This is a really great How-To on Pwnage, thanks. It’s more like an owner’s manual than a blog post. I’ve linked it in my iPhone blog.

    There was so much confusion with the release about how to go about it properly, I think you answered a lot of the questions.

    DevTeam is really amazing. I haven’t had any problems opening the program on Leopard, I haven’t updated just yet, considering all my favorite apps are most likely not 2.0 ready.

    Even with a 3G unlock, is there any way to get an iPhone 3G without AT&T being involved in the purchase?

  • Vagabundo23

    Thanks you save my life with Activity Monitor Guide.

    Muchas gracias has salvado mi iPhone de reventarlo contra el suelo. Cuidate

  • Shamus

    Upgraded everything fine, just now when I download anything from the appstore and try to run it, it tries to launch, then just quits and goes back to the homescreen. Anyone else getting this? Ideas?

  • tapout

    done everthing like it said and just restarts ever 15 seconds (pinaple logo for a few seconds then it restarts again.. and so on)
    can anyone help with this

  • siman

    3g 8gb uk 02 – done everything – completes itunes restore just fine but the phone only ever sits there with the start logo showing on the phone – never returns, tried rebooting and leaving for 1/2 hour, built many different versions. Only route is to restore from real 3g files . Any ideas?

  • steph

    @abraham: great stuff. know i got all together and it worked just fine with old pb g4 12″ and old iphone 1.4. i had to change into experiencend mode to find the ipsw-file. but then all was just fine working.

    cu there

  • adam

    one thing i have learned from this: Use Firefox to download. This is probably obvious to most but im new to mac.

  • klaba

    On a iPhone 2G, FW 1.1.4,
    iLiberty (jailbreaked, activated, and unlocked)

    The Question?

    Do you create a new empty ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support dir


    leave the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support dir and the file as is BEFORE using Pwnage 2.0.1 (Mac)?

    A confirmation request on this. :-D


  • reloaded

    someone please help….. stuck at the pineapple logo and cant get past it. i already went through the set up and had 2.0 running. all i did was go to settings then reset and erased the media off my phone and when it went to restart it would no longer go by the pineapple logo. please help me get past this.

  • http://www.iphone-3g-forums.com/blog/2008/07/20/how-to-jailbreak-20-mac-and-pc/ iPhone 3G Blog » Blog Archive » How To Jailbreak 2.0 Mac and PC

    [...] your iPhone using a Mac there is no need for me to write a guide as there are many such as this one. On the other hand, for the PC many people do not know how to do it and that is why I am here to [...]

  • JOhn


    This is my first time jailbraking my first gen iPhone and had a few questions about syncing. When I jailbrake the iPhone, will I still have my contacts lists and messages?

    Also, can I continue to sync my iPhone when it wasn’t jailbroken?

    Also, will iTunes back up my iPhone? and will be able to restore to jailbroken state if needed?

  • http://azizikhalid.com/2008/07/21/iphone-20-activated-jailbreaked-and-unlocked/ Azizi Khalid.com » Blog Archive » iPhone 2.0, activated, jailbreaked and unlocked!

    [...] to the T. Else you might face some unnecessary problems. For a step by step guide, go to this website. One cool thing about this upgrade is that all your setting will be backed up to iTunes. So once [...]

  • http://imthi.com/blog/products/upgraded-iphone-to-20-using-pwnage-20-for-mac.php Imthiaz Blog » Upgraded iPhone to 2.0 using Pwnage 2.0 for Mac

    [...] Jailbreak iPhone 3G now [...]

  • admin

    Just updated the download link, so everyone please get Pwnage 2.0.1.
    My professional experience is you should never use factory version x.0.0 in production. So go grab the first bug fix release of Pwnage :p

  • http://www.gsm-forum.eu/iphone/19268-pwnage-2-0-jailbreak-iphone-3g-now-unlock-iphone-2-0-step-step-tutorial.html#post53268 Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now + Unlock for iPhone 2.0 step by step tutorial – GSM Forum Europe

    [...] when required : Is you iPhone already running a pwned firmware or not ? If you restored to a [COLOR=#42AFDC ! important][COLOR=#42AFDC ! important]stock[/color][/color] Apple’s firmware, you should reply NO. If you run 1.1.4 pwned by Pwnage 1.2, reply YES. [...]

  • http://www.weblogi.com/2008/07/21/iphone-2g-ja-os-2-toimii/ SwitchX » iPhone 2G ja OS 2.0 toimii!

    [...] hoitui helposti hyvien ohjeiden avulla ja alustavasti vaikuttaa siltä että kaikki toimii. Kirjoitellaan sitten lisää jos ei [...]

  • http://hinchley.net/2008/07/21/pwnage-20/ Pwnage 2.0.

    [...] will jailbreak but does not yet unlock the 3G iPhone) with the latest firmware (version 2.0). This guide provides really clear instructions on the process. The procedure worked flawlessly and took [...]

  • udance4ever

    holy shit – u guys rock!!!! i took my unlocked 1.1.4 phone, followed your instructions and got it to 2.0 like a charm!!!!! i can’t believe how easy it was.

    to those who are askin – you *don’t* need to upgrade to 2.0 first – just take your 1.1.4 phone and run Pwnage per all the steps above and you’ll be good to go.

    kudos to everyone who made this happen – i’m one happy camper out here in tokyo ;-)

  • zakfontaine

    Did this with my hackintosh 10.5.4 this morning and everything went fine first try. I did add the device support folder in my itunes folder before running it. Very nice app!

  • http://www.ufrik.com/2008/07/firmware-20-del-iphoneipod-touch-desbloqueado/ uFrik – » Firmware 2.0 del iPhone/iPod touch desbloqueado.

    [...] Aquí hay un tutorial para realizar el jailbreak del firmware 2.0 en tu iPhone de primera generación. [...]

  • http://lifeclerks.com/2008/07/jailbreak-iphone-20-with-pwnagetool-iphone-20/ Life Clerks » Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool [Iphone 2.0]

    [...] As per the very helpful Mac OSx86 blog: [...]

  • John

    How do you load NES roms?

  • http://lifeclerks.com/2008/07/jailbreak-iphone-20-with-pwnagetool-jailbreak/ Life Clerks » Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool [Jailbreak]

    [...] As per the very helpful Mac OSx86 blog: [...]

  • Bill

    Anyone get this to work on ipod touch? Mine keeps crashing during custom firmware upgrade from this tool.

  • Salene

    I go through the entire process and I still end up with the locked screen (USB pointing at iTunes). I am a Tmobile user and it still gives me the message that I don’t have a supported SIM card. Please help, or let me know why I still end up with the locked screen after running the app.

  • http://n00.be/archives/722/ n00.be » iPhone updated to firmware 2.0

    [...] firmware 2.0 (using the recently released Pwnage tool) I decided to give it a go myself using this handy walkthrough. The tool basically builds a custom image which iTunes then uses to flash the device. The update [...]

  • http://www.wymo.net Michalak Chicago

    Works fine, thanks to Chris, Free Apple !

  • http://eQuilec.com/2008/07/unlocking-your-iphone3g/ Unlocking your iPhone3G | eQuilec.com

    [...] Anyway, if you want to unlock it step by step with nice and clear screenshots then this site might be for you. Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now ! [...]

  • La Jobe

    Yeah ! I lost my carrier network (Orange Fr) too but the “#89. Chris” is the solution that worked for me. Do not activate if you’re a legal user. Thanks !

  • paul

    worked the first time around! using my iphone on t mobile works like a charm. thanks

  • sean

    The program never asks for any bootloader. It goes directly to the “we will now create an ipsw” screen after I choose the ipsw file. Then later fails the dfu mode. I have also tried deleting the bootloader files to prevent it from finding them automatically and still doesnt give me an option to browse for them. Help!

  • David

    That was so EASY! Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

  • admin

    If you guys want to thank us, there is an easy way to do so. As you may know, we are running a little donation fund, (goal is only 380 euros), to acquire an iPhone 3G and work on an unlock solution. Only a little contribution from the many of you who visited us and used our guide would help a lot. With such big hacking community around the iPhone, it should be possible to reach this goal in less time than you may think. Help us hacking, donate!

  • Chris

    agh, i’m so confused with all this. I’ve tried to download many times, and the pwnage app seems to download, but the ipsw thing doesn’t work when I try to select my firmware. It says its unsupported. I saw what dave put at the top, “try downloading through Firefox”, did that, and it looked different (wasn’t a file) but still didn’t work. What’s the problem?

  • http://blog.magnetk.com/2008/07/22/turn-your-iphone-3g-into-a-wireless-hard-drive/ Magnanimous » Blog Archive » Turn Your iPhone 3g into a Wireless Hard Drive

    [...] dev team released its pwnage tool, allowing you to jailbreak your phone. There’s a pretty exhaustive step-by-step of how to use the 3g pwnage tool here; the only thing I’d add to it is this bit about how to fix a DFU mode bug: The error that [...]

  • Chris

    A couple problems again. It ran through the whole process fine (skipping one step for some reason) but in the end, when all is done, all i have is a factory restored iPhone. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right: holding down option while pressing restore, selecting the right custom restore, pressing select, etc. Then it loads it up, finishes, and gives me a regular iPhone, no cydia. The step that was skipped (not by my doing, it just skipped on its own) was the “No bootloader v3.9 found!” through the “browse for bootloader v4.6 file”
    Please Help if you can.

  • AJ

    I am having problems with the pwnage tool. I followd everything but the phone is now only flashing a pineapple. The phone isnt recognized by the computer. It just flashes on and off with the pineapple logo.. Doesnt do anything, the only way to turn it off is to hold the home button and power button together. Can anyone help me out??? Thanks alot!

  • Mike

    Anyone go back to the original firmware yet. Realized pwning may not be a great idea on 3G in case I have problems. Don’t want to brick my phone I’ve already heard horror stories.


    Q you can update itunes to 7.7 before or after does not matter .

    PAWNAGE is creating a custom firmware just select it was never.

  • rae

    the bootloaders3.9 link isnt working for me, can someone give me a direct link

  • SavageNacho

    So does this work on the 3g on a Windows comp?
    Yes or no?

    Thanks a bunch.

  • Adel

    Is there a way to go back to Iphone 1.1.4 on from 2.0?
    i applied the Pwnage 2.0 and tried to put it in the recovery mode and apply 1.1.4 it wont let me.
    Any Help would be nice

  • Amir

    I downloaded all files I was supposed to download. Open up pwnage tool, pwnage 2.0.1, click the iphone, I have 2G with version 2.0. No firmware bundle found (which i previously downloaded and automatically unzipped). Switch to expert mode and try to pick it out of my download folder. I see it in the folder, lets me click on it but wont let me click on Open, I can only browse it. So I’m stuck at that point. Any help. Thanks

  • admin

    Pwnage 2.0 is out for windows users.



  • http://www.iphone-2.nl/iphone-unlock-handleidingen-voor-pwnage-tool-20/2008/07/499 iPhone unlock: Handleidingen voor Pwnage Tool 2.0 | 3G iPhone – Nieuws – Specs – Hacks

    [...] (Mac en Windows)) – Hackint0sh (Pwnage tool 2.0) – Coachhowland (The Joshua Tree – Pwnage 2.0) – Macgeekblog (Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now [...]

  • Gambino

    Don not unzip the file. I made the same mistake. Its looking for the zip file.
    Hope this helps.

  • dawgg++

    it says error 6 every time i do it
    and i followed all the steps?
    can someone help us

  • http://none Ernmander

    I get error code (6) on a first gen iPhone in UK.

    Hugely unimpressed. Followed the instructions to the letter.

  • jake

    Can someone let me know if they have jailbroken there 3G iphone in Australia, i have had trouble getting into DFU mode it has told me it failed… Any Tips?

  • http://freeiphoneforyou.info/?p=8169 Free Iphone For You » Blog Archive » Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !

    [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptToday is the day, you gotta love sundays! After many, many cryptic messages and wait constantly refresh dev team blog, finally it’s there!! The new Pwnage 2.0 !!! Make some noize !!! [...]

  • wil

    I completed the Pwnage tool and i get the pineapple logo but once it reboots its asking me to connect to itunes but when i do all i get is a error message saying itunes cant connect check your internet connection or try again later and my internet connection is fine…anyone have any idea what i need to do.

  • iStephy

    I want to jailbreak my iphone 3g but I am kinda nervous I will do it wrong. But my question is once the jailbreak is done where do I get all the backgrounds and stuff at?

  • ary

    i cant download the booters? is their any other link for them?? plz help
    i got everything else

    n i have i older iphone not 3 g so i think i need the 3.9 booter

  • ary


  • http://iphonerobin.blogspot.com/ robin

    im having problem using FW2.0 most of the time it get hang and i have to restart my phone. and also some app some time runs and sometime it dose not.

    and by cydia i download nes app but it dosnt shows on my home what i have to do for that if any one knows then let me know.

  • http://bestiphone2u.info/?p=16452 Best Iphone 2 U » Blog Archive » Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !

    [...] tortuca wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptToday is the day, you gotta love sundays! After many, many cryptic messages and wait constantly refresh dev team blog, finally it’s there!! The new Pwnage 2.0 !!! Make some noize !!! [...]

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/07/31/install-free-cracked-iphone-apps.html Install *free* cracked iPhone Apps » Mac OSx86

    [...] Comments robin on Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !ary on Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !ary on Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !iStephy on [...]

  • Pistol Pete

    I followed the instructions to a T. Everything seemed to work fine at first. I tried to connect to iTunes but it doesn’t connect. What can I do to fix this issue? It seems I’m not the only one having this problem. Also when I start the installer it tells me i have 6 essential downloads. I go to install them and now my phone has been trying to download the items for more then 3 hours. Is there a way to fix this issue also.

  • Gentry

    Responding to David (84) and Ty (64): Use pwnage 2.0.1 to jailbreak phone. It will create a file on your desktop. Pwnage will ask you if you are legit iphone user. If using another carrier (tmobile, etc.) click on No. Will tell you to put phone in restore mode. Itunes won’t recog. your phone with non att sim card, so after finished pwnage, remove sim card. Get itunes to recognize your iphone. There should be option to Restore iphone. HOld option button, and click on restore. Browse to the file pwnage created on your desktop. Before you choose that file, insert your non att sim card, and then click on Choose pretty quickly. It should restore everything including bootneuter, and rest is cake.

  • giangu

    thx very much
    works nice with your tip!

  • Adam


    I was just wondering what the “option” key is that you have to hold while clicking restore in iTunes is. I tried the apple key, and holding the mouse key on restore but I got no options. Am I just being an idiot?



    have an iphone 3G with the 2.0.1 firmware update and want to jailbreak. My question is, can I use the present 2.0 tutorial on a phone that I have already updated with the 2.0.1 firmware?
    or can someone direct me to where I need to go


  • admin

    Hi Bernard, sure you can use our guide. Anyway to install 2.0.1 with jailbreak, you will need the just released PwnageTool 2.0.2 : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/08/09/pwnagetool-202-in-the-early-morning.html

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/08/09/pwnagetool-202-in-the-early-morning.html PwnageTool 2.0.2 in the early morning ! » Mac OSx86

    [...] ready for PwnageTool 2.0.2 ! » Mac OSx86 on PwnageTool 2.0.2 in the early morning !admin on Pwnage 2.0 – Jailbreak iPhone 3G now !admin on Get ready for PwnageTool 2.0.2 !PwnageTool 2.0.2 in the early morning ! » Mac OSx86 [...]

  • Sam

    Ok, I’ve tried everything on my 16gb 3g iphone, I used pwnag with and without the activation checked, Ive deleted the device support folder, followed Gentry’s instructions, and all I end up with is an unlocked phone with no carrier. I’m trying to use on an international sim card. This is driving me nuts!! Anyone else still having problems with the no signal even after trying the do not activate option? I’ve also tried with the latest 2.02 pwnage but same thing!

  • admin

    Sam, there are 2 types of iPhone 3G. First type is locked to a certain carrier and cannot be used with other carriers. The second type costs must more but is officially unlocked by Apple meaning you can use it with any sim card on any carrier. Now which one you got? If you got the first one, then Pwnage can’t help you, your iPhone 3G will remain sim locked. If you want to unlock your iPhone 3G, you may want to try FuriouSim unlocking solution : http://www.furiousim.com. Hope this clarifies. Peace.

  • Andy

    Hi all, just jailbroke my iphone 3g using Pwanage 2.02 and all has gone well have the beta installer 4.0 and everything works fine. The only thing is when i plug into itunes its asking to set up as new iphone or restore from back up. Ive reastored from back up but keep getting this option every time do i need to set up as new phone ?

    Appreciate any help – Andy IPhone 8gb o2 uk 2.1

  • http://www.gettons.org Tommaso

    Hi there,

    I live in Uk and I don’t need to unlock my 3g iphone, just to jailbreak it.
    I used the new pwnage for mac for firmware 2.0.1 and I choosed “do not activate” option, and all gone well.
    BUT I HAVE no signal, neither if I turn off 3g ( as in UK 3g has got several problem with signal for now, and also with original apple firmware you usually have better signal if you turn off 3g ).
    But I have no signal at all.


  • yk

    this is a bit off topic, but what are some apps for 3g worth jailbreaking for? i know about fring, which is great, but it’s not available for 3g..

  • Robert

    i was just wondering if you guys can make this program for windows as well?

  • http://www.customiphone.com/?p=18 iPhone 3g unlocking | CustomIphone.com

    [...] a little help… then here you go. For PC see the WinPwn 2.0 instuctions and for Mac see the Pwnage 2.0 [...]

  • sevi666

    I tried your instructions step by step (but using WinPwn and it still doesn’t display my carrier and can’t call. Any more suggestions will be most welcome. My carrier is Swisscom

  • sevi666

    There is a program called Winpwn (newest to date which is similar to pwnage tool. There is going to be a newer version soon.

  • sevi666

    sorry for triple posting, but I read some pages and if you are a legit customer outside of the US (not ATT) then make sure that activate phone AND youtube fix are disabled while building a custom ISPW. Im not sure if the youtube fix option is available on pwnage tool, but it was on winpwn People using ATT or O2 (apparently O2 is also fine but im not sure) and have the carrier problem follow Chris’s instructions.

  • vinlays

    Hey, Iphone 1g. 1.1.4. Ran pwnage tool. Everything ran smoothly. Until the last moment… Itunes now says my Sim Card is not supported… Worked fine with 1.1.4. Any ideas ?

  • vinlays

    ok ok, Nailed it. Gotta make sure to unplug iphone before itunes completes the restart. Otherwise bootneuter will NOT start. :-o

  • http://theprogressbar.com/archives/2008/08/jailbreaking-old-iphone/ Jailbreaking Old iPhone | The Progress Bar
  • mobin

    hey bro that cool………………….thanks it worked!! :-) without any problems and errors. I successfully restored.

    thanks again
    - :-)

  • Memaz

    hey i did all the steps of PwnageTool and my iphone worked fine but i can’t see any signal or anything about my sim card
    any solution plz

  • admin

    @Memaz: what iPhone you got ? 1st gen or 3G ? Locked or unlocked ?

  • http://art.fis.edu Darren Trebel

    Hi, folks. Thanks VERY much to the Dev Team for running this one up. I have a question however, which I haven’t been able to get an answer for.

    After updating my Jailbroken 2G iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.0, I had to find this superb jailbreak from Pwnage to do it again. I’m quite happy with the combo of Cydia and the apps I can get from the Apple AppStore. But I am unable to re-establish direct data service with my provider (German Vodafone). When I asked the guys in the Vodafone store about it, they indicated that the update had probably deleted some key info for that data/download service to run on. What do I need to do to my Jailbroken phone to be able to download direct from Vodafone without having to depend upon Wi-Fi?

    Please?? Desperate!!!

  • Andrew B.

    I followed all steps outlined. Problem I have is after the restore of the .ipsw file is complete, iTunes keeps telling me to restore from a backup or setup as a new iPhone. It’s seems to be a continual loop. I have a 3G and installed the latest firmware update (2.0.2) prior to downloading/installing Pwnage. Any suggestions?

  • Adriana

    I’m using firmware 2.0.2 on 3G. Will this work for my phone?

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    hi Adriana :D

    PwnageTool dos not support firmware 2.0.2 yet.
    You may want to try QuickPwn if you do not need to unlock your iPhone 3G: http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/08/21/quickpwn-tutorial-easy-jailbreak-for-202-fw.html

    Be sure you do not need to unlock because QuickPwn method will update your baseband. Basically use QuickPwn if you need an easy way to jailbreak only. You can follow my tutorial: http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/08/21/quickpwn-tutorial-easy-jailbreak-for-202-fw.html

    Bye ;)

  • Herlem

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    16GB – USD 750
    IF you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at herlembeat88@yahoo.com.

  • tasso

    hey, i’m using the iphone 3G. it doesnt matter in which country i unlock it, i’m still able to jailbreak it and not affect any network connection problems???

  • http://w-edge.net/2008/08/28/jailbreak-iphone-20-with-pwnagetool/ Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool | W-Edge Project

    [...] As per the very helpful Mac OSx86 blog: [...]

  • jerico

    my iphone can not restore come out error msg. 1604 reboot itunes still the same. Please help

  • lanyloancho

    my unlock 2.0.2 iphone can using the program after download from app store

  • http://www.weblogi.com/2008/09/16/iphone-ja-21-firmware/ iPhone ja 2.1 Firmware

    [...] kännykään 2.1 ohjelmaversion. Asennus sujui tuttuun tyyliin Pwnage Tool -ohjelman avulla. Vanhat ohjeet olivat toki tarpeen. Asennuksessa ei ollut mitään kovin eksoottista. Hidasta oli ja pikku mokan [...]

  • http://pineappleiphone.com/?p=55 iPhone » Blog Archive » iPhone 3G: Officially Pwned

    [...] when it is completed.” DevTeam/Download PwnageTool Step by Step Instructions (by BigBoss) Step by Step Instructions (by MacGeek) Step by Step Condensed Video (by Meebz) « Protect Your iPhone (in style) Free [...]

  • http://www.stefanoseveri.net/2008/08/06/jailbreak-iphone-3g-guida-passo-a-passo Jailbreak iPhone 3G: guida passo a passo

    [...] Il programma usato per effettuare l’operazione è Pwnage 2.0. Tutte le immagini che vedrete di seguito sono prese dal sito MacGeekBlog.com. [...]

  • trishness

    ok i just jailbreaked my phone i can recieve calls but when i go to phone it goes back to the home screen if i make a call by going through contacts none of the options show up to put it on speaker phone or to end the call its just black….any ideas?




  • Hans

    I having trouble wen i get to the restore part and i press option it acts like i didn’t do anthing Plz help

  • Hans

    and there no error or any thing roung

  • kareem

    I’m using the GEVEY 3G with my new Iphone 3G 8GB , everything is ok , but I cant use the I-Tunes , can this program solve this issue without affecting the function of my GEVEY 3G SIM ??

  • ifrank

    hi im getting and error in Itunes won’t load FW when trying to but the costume FW 2.1 in a 3g

  • Wiz

    After installing Pwnage I seem to be able to make any calls…..every time I open phone it freezes and then closes back to the home screen

  • Chris Casual

    So I have followed numerous instructions for the iPhone 3G.
    But when I get to the last step where i hit option/alt + restore and select the .ipsw file it starts to restore and goes on for a while (the whole time the apple is showing and not the pineapple) then finally an error message pops up saying restore has failed.

    any help? i really want to do this

  • carlitos

    i do everithing as you show but it never ask me for bootloaders and on itunes i push alt and click and it dont let me to select a file it just restore all again and again and again plesa a little help

  • bucky

    i recently purchased an iphone 3g (AT&T) but am under T-mobile service… is the device unlockable for T-mobile serivce to date?

  • bucky

    also, what are your thoughts about this video and product?


  • siddhanth

    does this work for iphone 3g sim unliocking plz send me a download link for windows os plzzz i neeed tht very badly using an iphone 3g purchsed from vodafone already jailbroken but no networks

  • http://www.monster-iphone.com jailbreak iphone

    love this stuff when you jailbreak your iphone it opens up a whole new world for your iphone.

  • Hemant

    I have created the image using this tool succ. But i am using hp keyboard so i don’t have “option” button , so what button should i press while clicking “restore” button

  • http://www.joomlacafe.net e-okul

    Tried it like 3 times Everything seemed to run fine but when I put in my TMobile sim I get: The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

  • J

    HI, I’ve downloaded Pwnage tools 2.0 and upgraded. follow the guides n restore my iphone. after which everything looks the same as b4.

    how do i know the status of my iphone now? is it jailbroken with Cydia installed??

    kindly pls advise. thanks

  • J

    in addition, it did state my phone is unlock. however everything else remains the same, there is no Cydia logo in my iphone.

    do i need to download it again?

  • bence

    hi i jailbraked my iphone 2g with quickpwn to software 2.2 i did succeed but now i only get a pineapple logo and can’t turn the phone on. the iphone is also not recognized by any of my computers no madder if its a xp or a mac. what am i supposed to do know? is there any way to restore the phone? i also tried holding the home and the power button for several minutes but the phone still didn’t turn on. i would appreciate your help very much.

  • js

    I have a 1st gen iphone and and thinking about jailbreaking, but I dont want to effect my wifes 3g iphone becuase we use the same computer and itunes. will it effect her phone?

  • admin

    @bence : connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore software.

    @js : You can go ahead, you wife’s 3G will be safe ;)

  • BOB

    ok coupleof questions…..
    1st after i jailbreak my iphone 3G can i connect it to itunes to do reg upload music and all tht stuff?

    2nd to restore my orginal setting do i jus connect the phone to itunes and hit the restoe to original setting button?

    3rd do i still update my iphone wit the new software tht itunes provides anddo i still update my itunes to newer version whenever itunes tells me to (like u knw the re. popus tht come on when u go into itunes)?

  • andyg

    please excuse me, im not great with computers and am certainly no hacker.. Im just simply trying to unlock my iphone as i travel alot.
    I have tryed following all the directions and downloaded what i think is the right firmware.
    I have Iphone version 2.2(5G77) and Itunes 8
    I have restored my iphone through itunes, but dont know if that is to stock 2.0 firmware
    I have downloaded the bootloaders as recommended, but i dont know what to do with it…

    i have fired up the pwnage tool and selected iphone 3G then when i goto select the ipsw
    when i goto browse for firmware, i chose iphone1,2_2.2_5G77_restore
    but it tells me wrong firmware bundle selected…
    I have also downloaded and unsuccesfully used 5A347 and decompression failed on 5C1

    Any help with this would be so much appreciated

  • Fawzi

    I jailbreak my iphone 3G, using the most recent firmware 2.2.2 (5H1 1 I think), using Quickpwn, and it went fine but now I have no phone network, NO SERVICE, though, I am a legit custumer with my phone provider..I wanna cry!

    Any quick suggestions please


  • cdrams7

    i jailbroke my phone and now it has shut off and will not turn back on any suggestions on what to do to fix it???

  • http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2008/07/jailbreak_iphone_20_with_pwnagetool-2/ Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool | Lifehacker Australia

    [...] As per the very helpful Mac OSx86 blog: [...]

  • amz

    I have itunes 8.0 installed if i do a restore will it tells me if i do this then it will update my iphone 2G to the newest software. Should I carry on? HELP please

  • http://myspace.com Jramirez

    i have been trying eveeeryything to jailbreak my iphone and nothing is working…ive tried quickpwn and everything goes right until i get to the first step when its going to enter recovery mode,after that,it doesnt get passed that step and on to the next one,i dont know what im doing wrong,its starting to reallyyyy iritate me and annoyy me badly.what am i doing wrong?? :/

  • d bob

    when i open the pwnage tool and all it does it open my itunes. Any sugesstions!!!!!!

  • http://www.carsamba.com.tr samsun

    I have itunes 8.0 installed if i do a restore will it tells me if i do this then it will update my iphone 2G to the newest software. Should I carry on? HELP please..

  • http://www.otelas.com otel

    Hi im getting and error in Itunes won’t load FW when trying to but the costume. thanks.

  • Karina

    When I get to the DFU part it keeps telling me that it failed, why? I’m doing exacly what it’s telling me to do and I’ve tried it about 5 times now. Any suggestions?

  • http://www.access2emails.com/ Cena

    I am also waiting for a safe way to jailbrek the 3GS. I thin m gonna run a alot for it.. ;(

  • Josh
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