Upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 : Become a beta tester!

We have just received fresh reports that the next iPhone OS 4.0 beta version will be available for developers as early as end January! This is one very exciting news!

The firmware will not be available to the public, but those who want to try it before everyone else will have 2 options. Either you become a registered Apple Developer for $99 which is rather expensive and overkill for an end user. Either, you become a member of our beta testers team!

We will have a limited amount of beta testers slots for you to try the new iPhone OS 4.0 before everyone else. If you are interested, join our newsletter, we will let you know as soon as we have received the new beta firmware.

Google Wave Invitations Giveaway!

We have a few invitations left for Google Wave Preview, if you are interested, become our fan on facebook and leave us a comment on this page. The firsts to become fans will have priority.
Good luck everyone!

Apple Magic Mouse for your hackintosh

While you are patiently waiting for your Magic Mouse to arrive (as we are), here is the perfect bluetooth dongle you will need for your hackintosh or your bluetoothless macintosh computer. It is 100% compatible with the (not so) magic mouse and officially recommended by Apple! It can even accept firmware updates from Software Update and wake up your comp with wireless mouse or keyboard.

The USB bluetooth adapter you want is the …

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Rebel EFI : Install Snow Leopard on PC for dummies

It should not fix bad relationship between Apple and Psystar. For sale through their website, a software called Rebel EFI promises simply to help the average user to install Mac OS X on a PC including the latest and greatest Snow Leopard, provided that your PC has the compatible components. Rebel EFI arises as a small ISO image of just a few MB, which uses included Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBLE).

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Blackra1n : Jailbreak OS 3.1.2 now available on mac!

Geohot released today the mac version of his universal jailbreak tool.
If you are a mac user which I hope you are, go grab this version and try it out.

But remember, you need an officially unlocked iPhone by Apple, the one that costs $$$$.

Simply update your iPhone via iTunes to the latest 3.1.2 firmware, then connect to your mac and run blackra1n. Jailbreak has never been so simple and fast. Only 30 seconds required.