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9. Play backup games on XBOX-360 w/ Benq drive
10. EFI-X : Install Mac OS X on PC from Original DVD!

Play backup games on XBOX-360 w/ Benq drive

I just got a Xbox-360 for free and decided to play around with it.
Have you ever heard it was possible to play backups of your favorite games on XBox 360?
Well all depends on the drive you got inside the Xbox 🙂

I have the Benq, and from 5th November, it is possible to run backups on that drive too.
It requires that you open the Xbox 360, void warranty, and flash the drive firmware.

Hey don’t get mad at me, I’m not switching to Microsoft anyway, don’t worry 🙂
Told you I got it for free, it’s not like i wanted to buy one 😉

Ok, now lets see how it works…

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XAR – *NEW* MacOS X 10.5 package format

New package format in MacOS X 10.5 implemented by Apple.
They chose XAR.

Seems they made the decision a few months ago, but it’s finally implemented in the last seed of MacOS X 10.5.

The latest release seeded to developers has the xar tool and libxar.

Package Maker and Installer have been adapted to create and install packages using the xar format (respectively). Should we expect a major update of Pacifist software soon?