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Rebel EFI : Install Snow Leopard on PC for dummies

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It should not fix bad relationship between Apple and Psystar. For sale through their website, a software called Rebel EFI promises simply to help the average user to install Mac OS X on a PC including the latest and greatest Snow Leopard, provided that your PC has the compatible components. Rebel EFI arises as a small ISO image of just a few MB, which uses included Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBLE).


To enjoy it, you will need to burn this image onto a CD, then boot your PC from it. Rebel EFI will detect hard drives, verify that your hardware is compatible with Mac OS, then download the drivers needed to install the system, simulating the presence of EFI. The software is sold for $49.95, but you can download a trial version from the Psystar site, limited in time and the level of hardware supported.

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  • ozl

    Anyone able to get this free??? you know what i mean…

  • skr3dii

    Download this : https://tachyon.psystar.com/rebelefi/release/re…
    Put the app in /Application folder
    Open Terminal and type :
    cd /Applications/RebelEFI.app/Contents/MacOS
    lipo -thin i386 RebelEFI -o RebelEFI.i386
    mv RebelEFI RebelEFI.original
    mv RebelEFI.i386 RebelEFI

    Now open RebelEFI binary with 0xed
    Replace 5589e5575653 by b801000000c3 at ofset 1F34

  • tricade

    @ skr3dii

    works for me ;)
    But i can not install the “install wizard” ;(

  • skr3dii

    RebelEFI is a complete rip off of the free developments made by the OSx86 community such as Chameleon, boot-132, FakeSMC, etc… You can get the content of their so called DUBL – Darwin Universal Boot Loader here : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?um0n0ijlu2n

  • ozl

    How can i burn this to a boot cd?

  • skr3dii

    You just need to burn this ISO : http://cdn.psystar.com/rebelefi_latest.iso It contains 3 files; osxlinuz, initrd & rebelefi.pkg. The link I provided in my previous comment is just the content of the encrypted initrd ramdisk. Psystar is trying to make $$$ on behalve of the OSx86 community, use boot-132 instead. Psystar = evil.

  • ozl

    So what is this for? im now typing from mac os x 10.6

  • yeshuahava

    I wish I could figure this one out……any help to the nubee? got oxed but can't seem to get the details down.

  • ozl

    I already followed the steps but i think i didnt edit the hex code correctly, how do you edit that ofset 1F34? because after i did this and saved it the app no longer opens, just bounces and then goes away, a complete noob is typing here, please help me Edit the Hex Code!

  • http://www.taranfx.com Taranfx

    Ok, I've tried hundred's of guides out of there, some are complex, few are useless, others are incomplete, I was so damn frustrated until I found this one that was easy to install via USB Install Snow Leopard on PC

  • TerrorismSux

    This is how it NEEDS to be. You see RIP OFF i see “No need to ask for support in insanelymac/hackint0sh/whatever forum for why my video/usb/audio/network/wtf is a kext/ darwin what?” This does it all for you automatically, which the “Scene” has NOT done. So it is a new application layer on TOP of all those drivers out there.

  • osx86tester

    By any chance do you have this file rebelefi_0.8.4.zip ? I tried googling and nothin. Seems like that tachyon.psystar.com is down. I used pacifist and extracted the rebelEFI.app All i really care about is pulling the drivers for my Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS 256 on a retail 10.6.2. and the stupid gui looks nice

  • ozl

    got a better working OS X86 10.6 on my i7 machine with Empire EFI
    Thanks a lot guys!

  • http://wii4everybody.com/ Ozl

    got a better working OS X86 10.6 on my i7 machine with Empire EFI
    Thanks a lot guys!

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