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iPhone firmware 3.0 Beta 2 Jailbreak is out!

iPhone firmware 3.0 Beta 2 has been released to the developers a couple of days ago and we are glad to announce that it has already been jailbreaked ! The Russian hacker Vortex has released an unofficial hack to jailbreak, be aware this is not from the dev team.


This version of QuickPWN is compatible with iPhone firmware 3.0 beta 2 for iPhone v1, 3G and iPod Touch. The jailbreak program will install Icy, the RipDev lightweight Installer (Cydia replacement).

1. Do not install/jailbreak iPhone 3.0 firmware if you need software unlock !
2. If you want to install 3.0 Beta firmware, do it here for $6
3. Or subscribe to Apple Developer Program for $99 here

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