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My White Macbook Upper Case has cracked !

December 6th, 2008 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Last friday, I bought the new macbook pro late 2008, and I am very happy with it.
It is solid as a rock ! But hey, look what happened to my old macbook late 2006…

The upper case of my white macbook started to crack after 1.5 years of loyal services.
Wtf, Steve can you fix that ? GRRR… My macbook looks worst than a DELL right now…

More pictures of macbook with the same problem, click the link below…

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  • nyarlat

    Hi! Have the same problem with my 2006 MacBook. Used some glue to fix it. So it´s not only my problem. The source of this damage is the small ridge on the display half of the MacBook. When you close it, it gets a hard knock from this ridge. It´s a design flaw.

  • http://www.appleminded.nl Zeikhoff

    had the same problem with my 2007 macbook.
    Went to the Apple Store in Boston, they said it’s a design flaw, but has to do with the magnets placed above the screen. They neatly pull the macbook shut but also apply force.

    They said because it’s their design choice, they would fix it free of charge, regardless whether it was still under warranty/ apple care or not.

    In my case, they did not only replace the cover plate, but the touchpad and keyboard as well, since I have a European model and they didn’t have European cover plates (which makes sense…). Just goes to show that Apple dealt with the issue very nicely!

  • David H

    I noticed last night that mine has cracked recently also.

    Going to take it to the apple store in Glasgow this week and see what they say.



  • admin

    Hey Zeikhoff, that’s very positive news!
    David please keep us posted.
    I might try to go soon to an apple store and see what they say.


  • nyarlat

    Hi again.
    My local apple retailer has informed me that apple replaces every palmrest with this fault! At no cost. Even those from late 2006. So we all should get a replacement.
    Will do that after Christmas.

  • admin

    Wow that’s very good news !
    I need definitively to free some time to go to my local apple store.

  • Mike D

    I had the early ’08 model, and mine also cracked, in the very same place [the side with the IR reciever.] I thought that my local apple store [southampton] wouldn’t fix it because it’s just aesthetics, but seeing as other people say they have I think I’ll try after christmas.

    Hopefully they’ll fix the chip on the trackpad and the busted disc drive [since I've had it, the felt on the disc drive has been so messed up it's not possible to get a CD in there :O.]

  • Cartman

    Rubbish product. Upper case failure, bottom case failure, “American automotive assembly quality” – I’m speaking about the gaps between the panels and uneven distances, overheating, power supply failure and so on. And all that in only one year of service and id din not only happened to me but also to other Mac owners I happen to know.

  • andrew R

    If it is under AppleCare you can get it fixed for free. The same problem happened with mine, but I sent it in and now it looks line the newer white MacBook, and it hasn’t been a problem since. (I sent it in a year ago.)

  • Zae

    I took my black macbook1.1 into applestore Otown early dec.
    they replaced kybrd trackpad & topcover & did something inside now its brandnew again free of charge with no heat buildup at all :) very happy w them!

  • David Hallworth

    I took mine back to the apple store in Glasgow (UK) yesterday.

    Was given a new keyboard and entire upper part of the case.

    I also got the receipt with it, it would of cost me £109.23 if apple weren’t doing these.

    Mine took over 30 seconds to see the apple logo on the grey screen when i got it back. After holding down command, alt, p and r on boot it restarted 3 times and its back to normal now :-)