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Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone firmware 2.1

September 19th, 2008 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi there, sorry for the late posting, as you may have mentioned, I was on holidays.
I was in NYC, the City that never sleeps, the Big App… What ? Old news ? Hmm okay ;)

QuickPwn 1.1 (Mac) PwnageTool 2.1 (Mac) QuickPwn 2.1 (Win)
[download#21#image] [download#20#image] [download#22#image]

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  • jacques

    c’est ar découverte que nous aimerions découvrir cette version


  • jacques

    le but etant de découvrir encore plus d’appications de themes etc

  • admin

    jacques, I’m not sure I understand what you say even if I speak french ;)

  • Ethan

    Hi, Can you give us the firmware and the boatloader, I don’t find it on the website?

  • fery

    Hi, i still have not downloaded iTunes 8, (not sure i should, i think i’ll wait till i have all the right ingredients, in case somethig goes wrong) but i’m trying to download the 2.1 firmware and the boatloader, can’t seam to get it open or i am downloading from wrong place, were do you recomend i look??? and must i have iTunes 8 installed to be able to open the new firmware???

  • Ethan

    Yes it will ask you to download it I think SO because there’s no need for you to keep running the 7.x version for Apple.

  • raja

    Hi, I used this software to unlock my iPhone. I am able to use all the services but when I enter T-Mobile sim, iPhone takes the T-mobile signals but i can not use any other features of iPhone.

  • Fresh

    I also downloaded the Pawnage 2.1, but do not find the .ipsw etc on the site for it. I found it in anotehr site but it keeps telling me wrong firmware bundle. Help please!

  • ali

    I tried to open QuickPwn 2.1 in my PC but some how it’s not working.It gave me a this error
    The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135).
    please help me

  • admin

    That error indicates that you need to install the .NET framework from Microsoft.
    You can get it here :

  • Ary

    hi, I used the Pwnage tool 2.1 for mac to jailbreak and unlock my iphone3G , everything went really well but then, I inserted my orange sim card and I have no signal , it doesn’t even says orange or anything… I don’t know why it’s not connecting to the orange network, do you know what’s happening or do you know what can I do to solve this problem? thanks x

  • http://www.iphonesimunlock.net iphone sim unlock

    Pwnage is the best software ever to unlock your iphone, i have always used it with sucess

  • josh

    the 3g can not be unlocked as of yet

  • p

    hey if im downloading th 2.2 firmware from itunes,how do i find the ipsw after i download it, since we have to locate the ipsw file to pwn it. i cant find it anywhere.

  • admin

    It is in /Users/yourusername/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

  • http://www.iphoneunlockhq.com iPhone Unlock HQ

    Wow, that worked a treat for me.. iPhone 3G, firmware 2.2, originally on o2 – now on Tmobile :) Cheers guys

  • http://www.iphoneunlockhq.com Unlock iPhone 3G

    It hasn’t worked quite as well for me, i’m running firmware 2.2.1 and its just not having it… any ideas?