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iPhone SMS : Error sending message

September 17th, 2008 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Just back from my little trip to NYC, I love the City, it rocks !
Imagine my frustration when I wanted to send a sms to my homies, and it didn’t work !
Wtf ! Hopefully, the fix is simple, you need to configure the sms center number.

Read more, click link below…

First you need to be sure you have the right sms center number configured.
To read it, dial the following sequence : *#5005*7672# and hit call.
You should get similar message:

Setting Interrogation Succeeded
Service Center Address

The number you see is valid for Mobistar operator in Belgium.
You need to check with your operator to get the right number.
Once you got the right sms center number, you gotta put it in your iPhone.

Make sure you encode the number with the ‘+’ sign in front and not ’00′.
I had it configured with ’00′ and it didn’t work.

Ok now let’s suppose that your sms center number is +32495002530,
you will need to dial the following sequence : **5005*7672*+32495002530#
and hit call. You should get the following message :

Setting SucceededService
Center Address
No Address

Tip: To dial the ‘+’ sign, hold the ’0′ until it prints the ‘+’.

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  • plissken

    I tried but did not worked the first time…
    The number showned with *#5005*7672# was wrong…
    I fixed it up looking for the correct number in another celphone, and then setting it as is written here!
    So, it worked!

  • cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  • chuqui

    in Spain just call 609 and tell them about the problem, isnt a iPhone thing is the company that blocks you when you reach certain amount.

  • NAS Q8

    FINALLY worked for me…
    my problem with sending sms started early december 2008 when i upgarded my fw to 2.2…im using iphone 2g…
    i was out of hope since i couldnt find any soultion for this problem… i honestly started believing that this problem is permanent, and that my iphone sucks and longer intruigues me.. anyways… i found out how to check my iphone sms message center… here in kuwait there has been an addition of one digit for all numbers… and my iphone was updated automatically through my carrier to the new message center number.. and thats when it hit me… my iphone started giving me this “error sending message” becuase it didnt not coupe with the addition of this one digit… therefore i configured the message center number to the old one.. and straight away started working fine… so PPL.. check the correct message center.. and follow these kind instructions.. and hopefully it will work out for ya.. god bless.. .and UUUHHUUUUUuuUUUuuuUUuu


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  • Hend

    u’re my hero
    i’ve been suffering from this 4 about 7 months now
    nothing seemed to work

  • Monira

    hey, im from kuwait too how did u fixed that problem ? i need help please! i just bought the phone! and it is not working

  • huetran

    Thanks for sharing, you are the man, I can text now. I got this problem long time and now I am back.
    Thanks, you made my date. Kiss you with love. hihhihiiiiihi

  • Jeff

    This information is very handy for those of us living in Myanmar and using iphones

  • Jeff

    This information is very handy for those of us living in Myanmar and using iphones

  • Fred

    The best solution i have ever had.
    Thanks brother God bless you

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  • Forcebook42

    when i check my service center number i get #error performing request unknown erro

  • Vlad Denis

    lifesaver, txs….good fix for eastern Europe…..

  • Liz

    My service provider couldn’t help me. The only thing that helped solve my issue was this post. THANK YOU! Serious lifesaver!!

  • Liz

    I think for some places it is not *#5005*7672#, but *5005*7672#. Basically just remove the first hash (#), That’s what my service provider was telling me to do, and I got the same message as you. I hope you worked it out!

  • Glifelite

    You are just awesome.. Appear an error message but when i try to send message.. It worked..haha.. Thx bro

  • Hannah

    i tried it, and both the two messages came up like you said. but i still cant send or receive messages?

  • Daniel

    Thank you very much. I’ve been trying to teach my mom how to use an I-phone(Biggest Challenge of my life) and it would not send any messages. This fixed it, and I thank you.

  • Honestlife36

    thanks alot now its working 100 %