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Install *free* cracked iPhone Apps

There are 2 methods to install *free* games on your IPhone, both requires jailbroken iPhone. The method we will explain is the easiest one. It does not require patching your iPhone.

UPDATE 12/6/2008 : Cracked iPhone Apps for dummies

Easy steps:

- Update your iPhone to firmware 2.0 with Pwnage 2.0, use our straightforward guide.
It’s important that your iPhone is Jailbroken, and that you have installed Cydia Installer.

- Fire up Cydia, and install OpenSSH. It will allow you to connect to your iPhone.
Next you will need an ftp client that handles SFTP protocol.
We recommend Transmit for Mac users or CoreFTP for Windows users.

- Connect your iPhone to your wifi home network, and check the assigned IP address.
Fire up your FTP client, and connect to your iPhone IP address with the following user:

User : root
Password : alpine

- Get the IPA files (google is your friend)
Rename the extension IPA to ZIP and extract the content.
You’ll find the XXXX.app in the Payload folder.

- Browse to the /Applications directory and upload the XXXX.app

- You will need to set the correct permissions on the apps folder in /Applications
Apply permissions 775 with your ftp client to the folder you added under /Applications

- Create a folder called “Documents” in /Applications and /private/var/Mobile
This is a one time process, if the Documents folder already exist, leave it skip to next step

- You will need to set the correct permissions on the 2 “Documents” folder you created
Apply permissions 777 with your ftp client.

- Reboot your iPhone and the *free* apps should appear on your iPhone.

Alternative method:

This method will allow you install *free* cracked IPA files through iTunes.
It requires that you replace a framework with a patched one.

- Connect to your iPhone with SSH, user root, password alpine
- Go to folder /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework
- Backup the MobileInstallation binary : cp -r MobileInstallation MobileInstallation.bak
- Connect with SFTP and upload the patched MobileInstallation
- Set permissions : chmod 775 MobileInstallation
- Reboot the iPhone

Double-Click the IPA files to import them in iTunes.
Then simply Sync your applications with iPhone.

Important note :
Use this method only to evaluate apps before you buy them.
Developers spent lot of time working on their applications, respect their work.
Stealing apps may lower their quality for future releases.

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  • G

    So where is the rest of this story?

  • Loni

    I have problems loading the apps…even if i did this procedure right…when i try to open the app it says: The application “300 Bowl” cannot be opened

  • http://mamet0.blogspot.com mamet

    Loni- u need jailbroked 1.1.4 iphone with 2.0 firmware to do this method..

  • booba

    no, it works with 2.0 ootb iphone.

  • admin

    Loni, try another application, might be an issue with 300 Bowl …

  • sardino

    i´m been able to sync all the apps with my iphone but none of them open,all of them say ¨the aplication………..cannot be opened¨.I did all the above but nothing….

  • cardz

    Does it work with an ootb 2.0?? Because i’m sure they dont have openSSH installed ootb….

  • admin

    You need a Jailbroken iPhone 2.0, with Cydia Installer to install OpenSSH.
    Read carefully my guide to use Pwnage to activate and jailbreak iPhone : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/07/19/pwnage-20-jailbreak-iphone-3g-now.html

  • booba

    just read it… iphone ootb 2.0 -> jailbreak -> ssh -> add apps -> change permission -> restart -> it just works!

  • http://stealthfiction.com stealthfiction

    for people with apps not loading problems, you must have atleast one offical downloaded app on your phone for the cracked ones to work. try the facebook or myspace app or something. that should fix the issue

  • Loni

    i have iphone 2.0 firmware installed with winpwn on iphone 2G…monkey ball and crash kart is working fine…but this other apps described here not. i’m trying to find the problem..and if i fix..i will post here

  • admin

    Yeah 300 Bowl is weird, whenever you perform a strike, the game crash lol… If you like that game, just go BUY it in the App Store, it’s the best way to get it running smoothly ;)

  • Teddy

    anyone got this working using a Mac? I can’t get it to work read numerous forums & instructions and no luck

  • Danjhoros

    I can’t get this to work… Cam somebody make a step by step procedure? I’m stucked in the CoreFTP! I can’t connect my iPhone 3G. it says “Can’t establish connection”…

  • Greybaby

    I’m not understanding how to apply permissions using transmit on the mac. Anybody know how I do this?

  • Greybaby

    Make sure you are choosing sftp as your protocol… I had the same issue until I switched from ftp to sftp

  • Greybaby

    Nevermind on the permissions thing, you just have to right click the folder, get info click apply

  • admin

    Danjhoros, be sure you have selected SSH/SFTP in CoreFTP:


  • Catman

    Every time I want to upload the files to my Iphone, I get an “Server Error” after some files!!.
    Screenshot: http://img371.imageshack.us/my.php?image=errorwf7.jpg
    Its only when I upload the files to the Applications folder, when I upload them into other folders there isnt any error!!
    Can you please help me????

  • admin

    Catman, might be that you are running out of disk space on the root partition. I suggest you install Boss Prefs app from Cydia and check the remaining disk space. By default you got 500 MB which you can configure when you build the firmware with Pwnage.

  • richkid

    i keep having a problem after i use the first method…..
    i do everything the way it says but after i reboot, the app is there but when i try to open it, it goes to the loading screen and then goes back to normal….
    (i tried this with enigmo and beatmaker)

  • richkid

    “normal” meaning home screen

  • Catman

    It worked! But the programm is BossTool and not BossPrefs!!

    BTW: very good Blog

  • Hernan

    I am using the Alternative Method.
    When iTunes finishes the sincronization.
    I reboot. When i want to use the apps.
    they will say.
    The application “name” cannot open.

    Any ideas?

  • http://- lenz

    after mobileinstallation hack you need first to install a free app from appstrore after then you can sync your cracked ipas

  • Hernan

    Thanks Lez!

  • http://donthaveone.com uscatu

    I have connected to the phone upload the files and change the permission. I have uploaded 3 apps and none is working. As soon as i launch it its crashing. Any suggestions?

  • http://- lenz

    uscatu, which methode do you using ipa or app ?

  • PegasosII

    On iPodTouch 2.0.1 jailbroked
    I try with .ipa mode ..all may cracked apps work but my free apps downloaded before and music and movies not work

    i change mobileinstalation.framework an set 775
    i try to fix permision with bossprefs

    Same thing, music video and free aps don’t work

  • iphone user

    what can I do, if I don’t have an App Store account (I can’t sign up new account), so I can’t install first free app from app store?

  • nioub

    Same problem here, apps crash on launch…

  • nioub

    found the issue, u have to apply right 775 to all files in the .app, so u must have an ftp program who is able to do it with one click. on mac : Transmit does.
    Fetch dont.


  • confrontation

    i have tried both methods and they didnt work i tried them over and over (restored iphone jailbreak) i used pwnagetool 2.02 and transmit but still nothing

  • spleener

    For those having problems — I’ve used the first method with a lot of success many times. When you change permissions on the folder you add to “Applications”, make sure you change them recursively for the contents of the folder.

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    The easiest way is to replace the MobileInstallation file with the patch one and set the correct permissions (775), then reboot your iPhone. Next you load the IPA files in your iTunes and install from there on your iPhone. Could it be simpler :)

  • gabry182

    grazie mille!! il primo metodo funziona in maniera ottima!

  • PB

    Anyway around getting a free app from the appstore to use cracked stuff? For some reason it says authorization failed when I try to download a free app but I can’t use any cracked apps it does the whole application cannot be opened jibberish… Thanks!

  • jamie

    Where can i get the custom firmware for this?

  • admin

    Jamie you need to build the custom firmware with PwnageTool, read my tutorial here: http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/07/19/pwnage-20-jailbreak-iphone-3g-now.html

    Since I wrote this tutorial, PwnageTool has been updated once to support the new 2.0.1 firmware, you can read this : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/08/09/pwnagetool-202-in-the-early-morning.html

  • ZAKsPop

    The problem I’m having is that after following the steps to a T is that my cracked apps work fine but no music/videos are shown in ipod and the legit apps won’t run. they launch and then close. Starting to piss me off royally. I’ve restored this damned thing about 10 times now trying different thing to fix it. WTF is the problem?

  • uuu

    I got like two or three on but then all of a sudden it stopped working help

  • ham_se17


    I have the exact same issue, alle my legal apps (free and non free) stopped working! Did you find ay solution???

  • ZAKsPop

    OK. I don’t know why this works but it does. I restored my iPhone for the umtenth time but this time I didn’t sync any apps. just a few tunes and addresses. I checked and was able to play the tunes. then I installed openSSH. I used Fugu (Mac) to connect to my iPhone. I created both directories and copied the mobileinstallation. Rebooted iPhone. While it was rebooting I removed all of my apps from iTunes. I copied them to another folder and deleted them from itunes. Once my iPhone rebooted I checked it again by playing a song. Worked…So far so good.. Then I went to appstore and downloaded Shazam. It worked. So I went to the folder where I backed up my apps and double clicked Cro-Mag Rally. It appeared in iTunes. I clicked my iPhone and chose to sync apps. I synced it and it worked. Checked Shazam and it works as well as my music still plays. woo-hoo.. Looks like it could have been an iTunes issue. Now to install all my apps 1 at a time to see if one was the culprit.

    BTW I’m using 2.0.2

  • http://blog.garryrenshall.co.uk/how-to-installl-cracked-ipas-to-your-iphone ….my first tech blog » How to installl cracked IPA’s to your iPhone..

    [...] Macgeekblog Filed under: [...]

  • Gipple

    Does anyone know why I should create the Documents folders? I have a 2.0.1 iPhone (the old model, not 3G) and I already have third party apps on it (like terminal.app, ToggleSSH.app and Installer.app) and they work fine without those 2 Documents folder.

  • admin

    Gipple you don’t need to create that folder, just install a free application from the app store on your iPhone and you will be fine. Anyway I recommend you use the second method with the IPA files, it’s much more simple as you can manage your apps in iTunes as usual.

  • Gipple

    Thanks admin. In the “IPA method”, instructions tell me to change the patched installer’s rights with “chmod 775 MobileInstallation”. Is that enough or should it be “chmod -R 775 MobileInstallation”, instead?

  • Gipple

    Never mind. I noticed it’s a single file :-) My bad.

  • Csieuchand

    Does anyone know if the first method works with 2.0.2? It used to work for me with 2.0 and 2.0.1 but its not working in 2.0.2

  • bigbone

    hi bro,
    i already jailbreak my iphone and to version 2.0
    but after i done all the thing, and the springboard show the app icon,but u cannot open it??!! say the application “ibeer” cannot be opened!!
    any solution for me??

    1 more question here…
    after copy the app to app folder,wat permission i need to put?? 775 755??

  • ZAKsPop

    OK. Out of the blue today my son was playing Animal Farm which I paid for and the sound wouldn’t work. After several attempts to get it to work I rebooted the phone. Now, all of my free and purchases apps won’t run and all of the music and videos are missing again. I looked around in the phone for files that the modification time was around then but there are too many to track it down. Anyone have any idea what is causing this. I like several of the cracked apps and I like my purchased apps and my music and I don’t want to have to choose between them. Could it be a plist file being altered or a files permission changing? I’m tired of restoring the phone.

  • admin

    ZAKsPop, that’s really strange. Did you jailbreak your iPhone ? What version of the firmware are you running ? What tool did you use to jailbreak ?

  • ZAKsPop

    I used PwnageTool 2.0.3 with firmware 2.0.2. I got it working again by deleating al apps from phone and iTunes. SSLing to phone and deleting mobileinstallation and copying it back to phone. setting its permissions. Rebooting and dling app from appstore. then reinstalling apps by double clicking them to get them back into itunes and syncing. It just ticks me off that it has happened twice. I wish I knew what was going on. I’m thinking it might be a particular app but I dunno.

  • Dane

    i m using 2.0.2 IPhone 2g jailbrken wit QuickPWN i m using IPhone PC suite to change the MobileInstallation file wil that doo …the application r installing but the application could not be open is the error iim gettin any 1 can help………..
    i want to install *.ipa files…….

  • Chris

    I can confirm that anyone who is having problems with application cannot be opened problem, I just solved it by installing last.fm app.

    Thanks for the guide

  • Rag

    Iam present using iphone1.1.4.
    I want’s to update my iphone.
    I want’s to play the cracked (ipa) games in my phone.
    which version that is firmware is best for me.
    this version also accept those app iam using in 1.1.4.
    Pls reply

  • srealpe

    You have to upgrade your iphone to 2.x version in order to use legal or cracked apps, check winpwn site to upgrade your iphone and then jailbreak if you want =) in there you’ll have a lot of tutorials !

    Have a nice day !

  • srealpe

    One more thing, if you use MAC (sorry) search for PWNAGE tool ! =) they have the version for MAC users (sorry again I’m windows user)

  • ZAKsPop

    Anyone using these on 2.1?

    I want to upgrade but concerned this won’t work…

  • admin

    It works perfectly on 2.1, you just need to grab the new MobileInstallation patched file for 2.1. Try the bay of the pirates ;)

  • ZAKsPop

    Thanks. Worked like a champ.

  • ZAKsPop
  • Rider

    It Worked!!!!

    Seriously….i tried 7-8 forums n all but this one actually worked

  • justin

    i install and tests many of the apps from appulos, but i cant get it to install anymore apps, i dont know why?

  • rawi

    what should i do i dont have wifi connection?

  • admin

    For those who still wonder how to achieve it, there is a simple way, it requires you to jailbreak, install Cydia, and run a special application, read more here : http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/11/23/cracked-iphone-apps-for-dummies.html

  • Ninja9000

    ok here is the final solution.

    for those who have done the installation of the patched installer file, an install apps but just wont open on the phone.

    the answer to this is go to the app store then download any free app. i used the weather one. once you download an app the jail broken apps that u installed via ipa files will now work..

    i just did this so good luk to you

  • boardcomander

    i am using 2.2 jailbreak and i now can sync the cracked apps from itunes but i can’t open them on the iphone. i can open all the legal apps from istore but none off the cracked apps. it says The application “……” cannot be opened.


  • boardcomander

    i’m sorry i havn’t read the post ninja9000. now it works

  • Ahpiyo

    I JB an iPhone and I am able to Sync Apps, Music, Videos and Photos, etc on 1 Mac. However, if I would sync to another Mac, it would say that I would wipe out my Data if I would Sync them. So… I decided not to because I had a bad experience when I try Syncing the apps from another computer, the Cracked Apps will not startup but apps from Apple App store and games from Cydia has no problem at all. How would you rectify this?

    Currently, to Sync my iphone to another computer, I have to toggle off the Syncing Applications, Photos, Music and Videos. I only activate my contacts, web bookmarks and calendar.

    I am not sure whether this is true, I read somewhere that if someone faces this problem, re-download a free app from Apple apps store and the cracked apps will work again, Is it true?

  • http://swenezz.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/iphone/ iPhone « Sweden the Niklas Way
  • Sean

    I’m hoping someone has run into this:

    I had no trouble following everything, uploading apps to my phone and changing the permissions, but when I restart the phone nothing new shows up. I know the apps are there because I can see them in my ftp client, but no icon is visible on the springboard. I’ve tried apps from different sources, all with the same result. I really have no idea how to troubleshoot this since I know nothing of the iphone architecture. Any ideas?

  • Sean

    Nevermind! I just installed IPAPrep 2 and the apps showed up.

  • Kev

    Hi! got the same problem sean. where can I find IPAPrep 2 ? I can’t find it anywhere

  • Kev

    oh, I’ve just found out that it has been replaced by mipatch…

  • Matt

    I have a jalibroken ipod touch running 2.2.1 and it wont let me connect to ipod. ive tried my router ip address and regular ip address. my wifi network also is restricted by a passkey. could that be the problem?

  • Thekingofspace

    Im having trouble getting the ftp client to connect to my iphone. The connection just keeps timing out. any suggestions?

    my MSN is gward516@hotmail.co.uk

  • PD

    hey…i hv jailbroken my iphone 2g and is running on 2.2…i tried the first procedure to put NFS in my phone…everything went right and the icon appeared…but its not working…it says tha “the applcation cannot be opened”….what to do????

  • http://www.islandeye.co.uk/ Island Eye

    Thanks for two methods.I am excited to try it.

  • Steve

    I was messing with the permissions, I thought i was following the instructions, but I seem to have messed the permissions up and now cydia doesn't work correctly and a few of my apps are no longer functioning. =

  • http://www.islandeye.co.uk/ Island Eye

    Good instructions and simple to use.
    Aaliyah Weston

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    Thanks for the great post that I really liked the site's content will already put in my favorites, where possible will be visiting the site.

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  • Demolition

    some one post “Amazing Talking Gir” !!! to Apptrackr
    i want that app so bad just for the F of it ;p

  • Superbods

    I am confused with the Steps 2 and 3 of the Alternative method. :|
    I really appreciate it if someone will provide a screenshot. :)