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Apple TV 2.1 Screenshots – ATV4mac 2.1

Good news!
We just released ATV4mac 2.1.0 (includes MobileMe support + Remote)
Remote is an application for the iPhone used to control your ATV over WiFi.

ATV4mac is an installer that enables you to run Apple TV Take 2 on your mac/PC.
It will replace your Front Row application, with a special Apple TV Front Row application.
By launching Front Row, you will get full Apple TV support on your mac/PC.

Please read the FAQ before you run the installer : FAQ

Warning: ATV4mac is compatible with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8+ Intel only
Leopard and PPC macs are not supported.

Apple TV Software has been updated to version 2.1 to support the new ‘MobileMe’ service.
And to add a pretty nice feature that allows an iPhone to control ATV.
We could not wait to try this out on our macbook!

Please read our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions : here
Visit the new Forum: here
Love ATV4mac ? Support our hard work: Click to donate


Take a look at the others screenshots!

The usual ATV4mac loading screen everyone knows… :)

A new menu appears under Photo, it’s “MobileMe” !

Wow Sorry guys, I don’t have a MobileMe account yet… :p

Time to try that neat feature Apple gives us for FREE !

Ok, it appears that I need to pair my iPhone with Apple TV, let’s try

Just need to input those numbers I see on my iPhone in the Apple TV

Yes, my iPhone connects to Apple TV and I can control it. Thank you Apple!
That’s all for today folks ;)

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  • Ryan

    Well, it looks great. But have they updated the software to Leopard yet? Or is it still Tiger?

  • admin

    OS is untouched, it is still Tiger 10.4.7/8

  • Fabri

    can you link 2.1 update dmg from apple server ? i will really appreciate if you do so ! My ATV fail when it is updating and i always have to do it manually… thanks in advance!

  • admin
  • Fabri

    sorry, i mean the directly link to apple tv 2.1 DMG file.. thank you !

  • admin

    There you go Fabri :


    Enjoy typing this on a Apple TV :D

  • cooper

    I am having problems upgrading from 2.0. What do I need to delete to completely reset the ATV installation? Factory Reset from the menu doesn’t seem to work, and I tried deleting Front Row.app and reinstalling, but that doesn’t get it. I am assuming there is something in a */Library/* somewhere I need to kill.

  • JC-Avila

    Hi the version 2.1 of ATV4Mac doesn’t work, after the installation, I rebooted my mac and freeze in the login screen.

    Something solution?

  • admin

    JC-Avila, looks like you are running on PPC mac ?
    I forgot to say ATV4mac is intel only.
    To boot back into your OS, you need to restore QuartzCore.framework inside /System/Library/Frameworks. Check http://forum.macgeekblog.com

    You can also post your issues on the forum please.

  • JC-Avila

    Hi, first sorry for my english, I Speakin’ spanish.

    Look the version before of this, I installed and works with only error, the sync is only with 1 mac. In this version I erased the Mac OS and I installed the Xcode 2.5 and Mac OS Tiger 10.4.8. I can’t access the files because, in the login, the screen freeze.

    Thanks for the support.

  • Spacey

    Upgraded from last version – didn’t work at first time, had to delete the old .dmg then I could install. The installer went smooth – but my apple remote isn’t recognized at all! I can’t start… even when I launch teh front rot app manually it isn’t recognized within ATV… any ideas? MacMini & DVI-S-VHS connected to TV. SwitchResX worked so far btw :D

  • admin

    Spacey and the others having issues, please read this: http://forum.macgeekblog.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3 and post your issues on the forum. I really need your feedback. Thank you.

  • admin

    Please also report back if you installed ATV4mac 2.1.0 and got it working.

  • cooper

    I installed and got it working, sort of. I can’t seem to get any iTunes to recognize it. :/

  • admin

    cooper, please try this new beta version and report back:


  • http://theifoneblog.blogspot.com Jash Sayani

    Leopard version Plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cooper

    Nope. Still am not seeing it in iTunes .7 :(

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  • JC-Avila

    Hey man only a comment, I installed this version in 10.4.8 and didn’t work (freeze screen), but in the 10.4.11 with everything updates it’s works, the comment is only for the update the main post.

    And thank you for this soft.


  • Joseph


    Can anyone get it to work with itunes?
    I have the latest itunes installed on my macbook, but counldn’t connect to ATV4mac on my mac mini.

  • admin

    It a known issue and also YouTube does not work right now. They added some extra security. I’ll check this out as soon as I get my second PC up and running.

  • Joseph

    I’ve also noticed that movie trailers can’t be played either.

  • JJ

    Oh please please please try your best to get a leopard version – i know your busy and am sure you have lots to do – but if you could let me know when you do have a leopard version ill be more than happy to support you through paypal!

  • admin

    JJ, that’s impossible. Apple TV frameworks are not compatible with Leopard.
    BUT, I am preparing another option for Leopard users to install ATV4mac.
    Tiger users might be interested as well. Stay tuned!

  • mgm

    (When you make your next post I’d tell people straight up WHY ATV4mac CAN’T WORK ON LEOPARD and that they should just partition their hard disk and make one part Tiger or have a dedicated bootable FireWire disk with Tiger on it.)

    Great work so far, though. This project is really something.

    Do HD rentals work yet? If they do I’ll download this thing and donate.

  • http://rohanpinto.com Rohan Pinto

    would this work on a Mac mini: my config is :
    Mac OS X 10.4.11
    Processor : 1.42 GhZ PowerPC G4
    mem: 512 MB DDR SDRAM

  • admin

    Pinto, you need an intel mac, PowerPc is not supported.
    It’s specified in my post right under the image: Warning: ATV4mac is compatible with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.8+ Intel only. Sorry mate.

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    admix, you mentioned on August 4th that you are developing a way for Leopard users to get this? Any update as to how that is coming along? The downgrade to Tiger option does not work for me because my MacBook Pro came pre-installed with Leopard.

    I am trying to get Tiger running on VMware so I can run it from there, but no luck on that yet. If you had any way to get this up and running on my Leopard MBP, I would be very happy.

  • admin
  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    I have tried that solution, but it does not work for me. The problem is that Apple computers cannot run an operating system that is older than the system that came pre-installed on the computer. My computer came pre-installed with Leopard, so it would not even boot into Tiger.

    I am 50% finished with a VMware image of 10.4.11. I will let you know if I can get it to work in there.

  • admin

    Ross, are you sure you tried to install an Intel version of Tiger ? Of course installing Mac OS X Tiger for PPC won’t work on an intel mac. But there should be no problem to install Mac OS X Tiger on any mac. You need to create a second partition with Disk Utility, then pop in the DVD of Tiger reboot holding alt key. In the menu select you DVD, and install. Pretty easy.

    What method are you tryin to create a Tiger VMWare image ? I tried few weeks ago in VMWare Fusion but had no success so far…

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    The Tiger disc that I had came with my girlfriend’s MacBook, so they are Intel. Since the discs can only be used with the model they ship with, I installed it using Target Disk mode. Her computer could boot it fine, but mine could not boot it at all.

    I have also tried installing patched versions of 10.4.11 into VMware with no luck. They would always hang up somewhere in the installation.

    I found a premade VMware image a 10.4.10 (sorry I had a typo in my previous post, it is .10 not .11) on Pirate Bay. I don’t know if you want a link to a torrent on here, so I will wait for your approval before posting it.

    I will let you know if I am able to get ATV4mac on that image. It is telling me that I have 8 hours left on the download, but that could be more or could be less.

  • admin

    Ross, I doubt the image you found will work in VMWare Fusion. Anyway let me know if you succeed ;)

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    Well the image works great. I am having a couple of small problems, but I think I will be able to work them out. I am not able to increase my screen resolution yet, and the image did not come with Front Row, so I am having to figure out how to get that working. Any idea where I can find a link to download an installer for Front Row? I found an installer for the latest Tiger update (1.3.1), but it will not install unless I have a previous version on there. Once I get Front Row working, getting Xcode on there and running AppleTV should be easy.

  • admin

    Very nice Ross ! So the image works in VMWare Fusion ?
    Could you send me the torrent link to my email address ?
    Use this : http://www.macgeekblog.com/contact


  • admin

    Ross I downloaded and installed that image in VMWare Fusion, but I must say it is really really really really slow… Not to say unusable… Was expecting something faster since I am using VMWare Fusion beta 2 which has support for Leopard Server virtualization. Is yours running fast ?

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    No mine does not run too fast either. I am also running the latest beta. My plan was to shut any background process that I did not need down to get AppleTV running as good as I could. It is really my only option until Apple updates AppleTV for Leopard or I can dig up $300 for the real thing.

    Were you able to change the screen resolution of install Front Row on it?

  • admin

    Ross, I did not try further, I did a software update and it never completed. I don’t get why this Tiger is so slow since Fusion can virtualize Leopard Server, and I doubt it’s that slow ! What I need to do is hack Fusion beta 2 to run Tiger client. I already achieved this for Leopard Client, but not Tiger Client yet.

    Might have a look after my trip to NYC !

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    Well if you get it hacked please let me know. Thank you.

  • Malcharias25

    First, let me say, this is an AWESOME app! I had a couple of MacBook carcasses sitting around that I had planned to do something with, and finding this application has allowed me to resurrect them for a usable purpose.

    Now, I know this has been asked many times of you, and I can imagine that, from a developers standpoint, you must be getting really sick of it, but do we at this time have any updates on the status of the iTunes and YouTube connection issues in v2.1? While 1.5.1 works, for the most part anyways, I’d love to be able to use the features that the ATV 2.1 firmware has provided…and with the issues I’ve read from other users regarding HD rentals/purchases, I’d like to know those issues have been resolved before I update.


  • admin

    Malcharias, sorry I had no time to work on those hacks.
    Maybe one day … :-)

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    So is there any chance the new version of AppleTV is Leopard?

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    Ross, if you are refering to the new Apple TV 2.2 update I highly doubt it is Leopard ;-) Will check it anyway.

  • Parker

    Hey, I got a Really Nice VMWare Tiger Running, but I cant Find a way to get Front Row on it. i wld really like to try this out. any help on getting Front Row to work. its 10.4.10, using latest fusion.

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    I had the same problem with mine a few weeks ago.

  • Parker

    yeh i read. its a pity though, i the VMWare Im using Runs very well on my Macbook, but i only downloaded it for ATV4Mac so it was a waste really. And I Cant Seem to Partiton my Drive on Leopard( comes up with failure after practically grinding system to a halt using Disk Utility) so unless i can find the money for a External harddrive and Hope i can use my brothers old Factory Tiger Disk im pretty much Stuck without trying this. Not a tragedy i know but this seems very cool and to run it in a virtual machine would be very cool, sorta Front Row/Apple TV but in a Window like its just another application.

  • http://web.mac.com/ross.kimes Ross Kimes

    Yeah I really like the idea of it as well. Admin were you ever able to patch the install disk to install Tiger in VMWare?

  • Parker

    I just had an idea, Not AppleTV or ATV4mac unfortunatly, but as my main goal is to be able to use the Front Row/Apple TV interface, but in a window so i can still use iChat et cetera while using the interface, i found a way to install Leopard CLIENT in VMware Fusion 2 using the OSX server support. http://blog.rectalogic.com/2008/08/virtualizing-mac-os-x-leopard-client.html

    alternativly, check certain sites for a certain appliance of Leopard it should work. I guess untill ATV4Mac works in a Virtual Tiger or on Leopard (wether properly or emulating the tiger frameworks instead of replacing them on leopard?) this is the next best thing for me personally.

  • admin
  • Parker

    i have read that post, but i have neither a retail version of Leopard nor any copy of Tiger (my macbook came with leopard pre-installed) and i tried to run ATV4Mac in a virtual machine i was able to aqquire but it wouldnt work. i narrowed down the problem to the machines lack of front row, however efforts to enable front row failed. unless i can find a tiger virtual machine or pre-hacked install image of tiger, it seems atv4mac is out of reach

  • admin

    I just installed Tiger 10.4.7 Server inside VMWare, but indeed Front Row application is missing. I found a package to install front row, but that did not work.

    Will keep you posted if I can find a way to enable Front Row.

  • Parker

    Well have Just tried a Leopard Client Virtual Machine and well, front row is there but when launched it brings up only a black screen, no audio etc.

  • Parker

    Having failed with all i attempts i stopped trying to get what i previously worked on (above) to work. but having recently started up again to see what i could do. i found the reason that my Tiger Install using Fusion 2 wouldnt run atv4mac because the app needs intel and Fusion 2 uses athlon in its virtual machine.

  • busenheimer

    I can’t tell from the screenshots, but can you control DVD from the menu system like you can in the stock front row? If not, would it be hard to add? That way you can really control ALL of your media via your excellent interface!

  • http://www.elparasitodelamanzana.com David Durán

    How can I take screenshots on an Apple TV?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Seth Rubenstein

    Whats the word on iTunes sync. Has that issue been resolved yet or no?

  • Isaac Lim

    What does ATV4Mac 2.1 download? I cannot connect my MacBook to the internet… is there a way I can download the file elsewhere and copy it into a local directory? Thanks.

  • admin

    Hi Isaac, here is what you will need to do now since Apple pulled out the firmware from their server. You will need to download the 2.1 apple TV update dmg from some place I can’t tell you (google it sorry) and place the dmg inside the following directory : /var/root/ATV4mac

    Supposing that the dmg is on your Desktop, you will need to type the following commands in Terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) :

    sudo -s
    (then type your password)
    cd /var/root
    mkdir ATV4mac
    cp -r /Users/yourusername/Deskptop/update_firmware.dmg /var/root/ATV4mac/.

    Then run atv4mac installer and it should find the dmg.

    Additional hints :

    - For atv4mac 2.1.0, you need to find the file named : 2Z694-5485-1.dmg
    - YouTube and iTunes sync does not work with atv4mac 2.1.0, I suggest you use atv4mac version 1.5.1 which is the most stable one.

    For atv4mac 1.5.1, you will need this dmg : 2Z694-5428-3.dmg

    Happy hacking !

  • Isaac Lim

    Thank you “admin”! The install worked… but how do I launch it without a remote? Apple-Esc doesnt seem to work and i dont have my remote either.. haha.

  • admin

    You can launch it by double clicking on Front Row.app which is located in /System/library/CoreServices. But you will need a remote to control it of course.

    Or you could use IRKeyboardEmu from Brandon Holland, that will give you the ability to control Front Row.app (Apple TV) via keyboard.

    Download here : http://www.brandon-holland.com/downloads/software/irkeyboardemu-0.3-bin.dmg

    I think it will only work with atv4mac 1.5.1, not sure about 2.1.0.

  • Herns

    Can’t connect to iTunes 8.0. Could you help in any way? thanks

  • admin


    iTunes sync only works with atv4mac 1.5.1.

  • hintzsche

    Hi, when will you solf the problem with itunes syncing ???? i hope you will hack it soon. cause who needs an updat what does not work.

  • Junster

    hi, i’ve installed atv4mac 2.1, didn’t work and now i’m on 1.5.1. The case is the same, after i opened front row, the apple logo screen pops out and after a few seconds, it goes back to my desktop. I’m running hackintosh 10.4.8 AMD.

    What should i do?


  • Claas

    Pls release atv4mac 2.1.2!!! With iTunes!

    Best Claas

  • archie

    will we see anything new soon?

  • mark

    Does anyone have a copy of ATV4mac_1.5.1.zip that i can have or know where i can find it? the links on this site are dead :(

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    Hi mark, I just fixed the issue, you can try to download again.

    We have switched domain registrar, so everything should be in order now.

    Thanks buddy!

  • michel

    I found this process for fixing the HDCP problem on the *real* Apple TV. Anyone know how it might work with ATV4mac?


  • http://www.grzegor.pl grzegor

    Apple TV rev. 2.4 available today: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3187
    Any chances for iTunes sync?

  • 01a

    POSTING HERE AS FORUM is displaying SQL errors.

    I’m getting an error when trying to install ATV4Mac

    After clicking install, the status bar of Downloading immediately fills and displays the below error

    Error: Couldnt download ATV Take 2.1.0 files

    I’ve installed ATV4Mac successfully on another system about a month ago.
    I’m running 10.4.11 with all app and system updates
    Installed XCODE from my original OS disks
    And running the installer from applications folder.

    Tried downloading and using the 1.5.1 installer. This loads and prompts to update itself to 2.1.0
    which goes through fine. Upon restarting i get the same error.

    Can any 1 tell me is there anything im missing?
    or if the files are offline and unavailable.

  • Steven

    I’m in the same boat…. installed a month or two ago, needed to set up a new box, and now I get the same error as above – “Couldn’t download ATV Take 2.1.0 files”


  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    Guys, please read comment #57 on this page, it’s all explained.

  • Steven

    Thanks for the reply – I didn’t realize 1.5.1 was better to use, and I’m having a hell of a time finding the firmware, but at least I know – thanks much!

  • Steven

    Yeah… I’ve scoured the net looking for 2Z694-5428-3.dmg. If anybody can help me out, I appreciate it – email atvanon@hyperfocused.com

  • http://www.macgeekblog.com admin

    You may want to check here : http://www.macgeekblog.com/members/atv4mac

    Password : iloveatv4mac

    There is a fee of $5 per download to preserve server stability and avoid bandwidth abuse. Hope you understand.

  • jipeey


    I can’t find anywhere firmwares 2Z694-5485-1.dmg or 2Z694-5428-3.dmg.
    Pay 5 $ to download this files is a problem for me (Free files from Apple at the origin)

    There is someone who have one of this files ?
    This person can upload the Dmg on Rapidshare or any hosting website ?

    Thank you

  • wayno

    so let me get this right, as im a bit slow

    1 – download the ATV file
    2 – download and load the xcode file
    3 – download the dmg file noted above in the members section,

    and that is the whole shooting game, it should all work?

  • wayno

    so let me get this right, as im a bit slow

    1 – download the ATV file
    2 – download and load the xcode file
    3 – download the dmg file noted above in the members section,

    and that is the whole shooting game, it should all work?

  • wayno

    did you get an answer on this?

  • skr3dii

    you can find full instructions here : http://forum.macgeekblog.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&…

  • skr3dii

    wayno wassup, full instructions to get atv4mac up and running : http://forum.macgeekblog.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&…

  • eenduiker

    I have 1.5.1 running now for a while after downloading the dmg's from the members page. Thank you for the enjoyment! :)

    Could you give insight on why you stop developing this product?

    Could someone maybe inspire you to get going again or offer assistance?

  • eenduiker

    I have 1.5.1 running now for a while after downloading the dmg's from the members page. Thank you for the enjoyment! :)

    Could you give insight on why you stop developing this product?

    Could someone maybe inspire you to get going again or offer assistance?

  • skr3dii

    Sure if you have the required skills, you can reverse mach-o binaries, you are more than welcome if you want to help. Currently I got controls via mouse working but still no youtube and iTunes sync… Unfortunately time is missing as I have other projects running. SO if someone has the time, let me know.

  • joel

    coolm but where is the link?

  • Shalom2u

    Any hope of getting this up and running on Snow Leopard in the forseeable future? This is a fantastic product, but I'd rather not downgrade to Tiger to run it. I will gladly donate $100 toward this effort, if that would help.

  • Quantox

    Hi is ATV4mac still available? only the Installer through up a download error when i run it!?

  • Quantox

    Hi is ATV4mac still available? only the Installer through up a download error when i run it!?