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Play backup games on XBOX-360 w/ Benq drive

November 27th, 2007 macgeek Leave a comment Go to comments

I just got a Xbox-360 for free and decided to play around with it.
Have you ever heard it was possible to play backups of your favorite games on XBox 360?
Well all depends on the drive you got inside the Xbox :-)

I have the Benq, and from 5th November, it is possible to run backups on that drive too.
It requires that you open the Xbox 360, void warranty, and flash the drive firmware.

Hey don’t get mad at me, I’m not switching to Microsoft anyway, don’t worry :)
Told you I got it for free, it’s not like i wanted to buy one ;)

Ok, now lets see how it works…

What you need?

- motherboard with VIA or NForce chipset or buy a PCI SATA VIA 6124 card like me.
- sata cable
- iPrep 101 v006 (with benq support)
- iXtreme firmware for Benq (I got the stealth, multispeed 12x)
- sata cable
- usb dongle
- xbox 360 of course :)

Here is what I did:

- Turn off your PC and install the PCI SATA card, boot into Windows XP and install drivers.
- Use version 5.50b for the drivers, not 5.60 available here
- Then run iPrep and create a bootable USB flash dongle.
- Now turn off the PC and disassemble your xbox 360 (guide)
- Disconnect the SATA cable from the XBox drive and connect drive to your PCI SATA card.
- Ensure you connect on the first SATA port on the card, they are labeled.
- Plug the power cable of the XBox adn plug the TV cable

- Now your benq drive is connected to the SATA PCI card or SATA on your mobo
- Plug in the USB dongle in a USB port of your PC
- Turn your computer on, and turn your XBox on
- Follow instructions, just reply Yes, then go to C:/Tools and run dosflash
- It should give you a port number, I had 0×1190, write this down
- Exit and reboot to windows, Edit all the bat files on usb dongle with this port number

- Reboot and run dBen xxxxxxx xxxxx then follow instructions
- run fBen and follow instructions
- After firmware is erased, it will ask you to turn off XBox and press continue
- You NEED to turn the XBox ON prior to pressing continue!!!
- it will flash your Benq drive firmware, voila!
- Shutdown everything.

Need help? IRC: efnet in #dosflash channel

To burn your ISO backup, just run ImgBurn, open the file.dvd and hit the burn button!
OSx360 is a nice tool for burning ISO backup on a mac: http://www.nukedsoftware.com/

Use TDK or Verbatim DVDs ;)

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  • jim

    Hey, Im wondering that since the firmware was stealthed, would it effect xbox live? Like, have you been banned? I read that iXtreme flashed drives have been banned.

  • http://www.everything4360.com Rich

    If you only download stealth patched xbox 360 games from a reputable xbox 360 download service with Xbox live scan alerts, you should be safe. They test all the games as they come out.

  • Snoopy

    Five things, sorry if this is too much for you, 1. can u go on xbox live with the backups? 2. what turn of events leads to you getting banned from xbox live after flashing the benq drive 3. can u put the 360 cover and what not back on so that it looks like it’s in its original form(before opening the xbox 360)? 4. can u flash benq from a mac os x if u dont have a pc? & 5. when you hook up your 360, do you lose the data on your hard drive(xbox 360 hd) if so will it work if i take out the 360 hard drive? please help!!! and im really really sorry if this is too much for anyone

  • http://nolanslights.com Nolan Reker

    sorry its a little late but here’s the answers to your questions.

    1)Xbox live: Yes, but I wouldn’t try it if it’s that important to you as Rich said you have to be willing to put a lot of effort into continuously researching the games you play to see if an update breaks them and to get the patch to stop it before you get banned.

    2)From people’s experiences online it seems like Microsoft really doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to finding hacks. People who haven’t hacked their boxes are getting banned! But what happens is everything works fine until you turn on your xbox one day and find that you can’t sign in to xbox live and if you go to account management it tells you you have been banned. All hope is not lost because you can use your account on another xbox (switch the hard drive) because it is only that console that is banned so you can’t make a new account and bypass the ban.

    3)Yes, but there is a warranty sticker under the faceplate (shiny silver, says microsoft in black) that is across the seam so to open it you have to break it or remove it and if you remove it the silver flakes off and it’s really obvious that it’s been removed. But you don’t have a warranty anyway right :). I’m not sure if there is anyway to get around this like wetting the sticker to deactivate the adhesive or something so just google how to get around warranty stickers.

    4)No, simply because they won’t run DOS and don’t have a compatible chipset (not sure if you could install one)

    5)no, nothing else is touched in the 360 besides the DVD drive because the computer is connected directly to it. the 360 has no clue :)

    hope that helps,

  • mo

    i have an elite 360

    how do i burn iso files to dvd-r and get them to play on the console?

  • admin

    mo, seriously have you read my post, I mean everything you need is explained.
    But I can quickly recap for you :)

    To burn the ISO, you need a software like ImgBurn for PC, or OSx360 for mac.
    And of course you need a dvd burner, and virgin verbatim, TDK or Philips DVD.

    In order to read the burned ISO, your XBOX-360 needs to be opened to flash the DVD drive firmware. You can look at the first picture to determine which DVD drive you have inside your XBOX-360. BenQ are the new drives you can find in recent XBOX-360 consoles.

    My guide only applies for BenQ drives btw.

    Good luck!

  • Jecht

    1st… Does the game have to be on a disk? can it be on a flash or hard drive? 2nd… when I click my “ix14-12x.bin” firmware on iprep, it says “could not find part of the path” also when I click make firmware, it says to copy the orig.bin file, but I have no clue how to get that… I got all my files from this torrent; http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3955530/XBox360_All_Firmware_iXtreme_1.4_BenQ_Sams._LG___iPrep_._Tool does that have all the files I need? help would be appreciated.

  • Jecht

    also just wanted to let you guys know, Warranty stickers come off nicely with the use of a hair dryer.

  • Abel

    Jecht, unfortunately the warranty stickers on the 360 are heat sensitive and they dissolve the Microsoft logo as soon as heat is applied. Works on other warranty stickers though :)

  • luigilu

    Hi, I have having problems. When I enter the command dosflash, it always says “MTK Vendor Intro failed on port 0X01F0. If you choose to resend the command you should turn the device off and on after you press yes”. When press yes, the status constantly switches between 0X51 and 0XD1. I was wondering if this is correct? I also booted up into windows afterwards and change the .bat value of B000 to 01F0. When i tried to move onwards and entered the command dBen 5053215 81505, i also get MTK Vendor Intro failed on port 0X01F0. I followed the steps and the status was originally 0×57, then when i opened the xbox disc tray (which powered on the 360) the status changed to 0XD1, and then it started switching between 0X51 and 0XD1 with nothing else happening.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for helping

  • Mike

    Just an FYI for everyone…
    I’ve gotten the warranty sticker off with the whole metallic second layer still intact on the transparent microsoft part, meaning it fools m$ into thinking that you’ve never opened your 360.

    just use some adhesive remover. and do it very very slowly. use Q-tips and a razor blade. basically drench the warranty sticker with the adhesive remover.

    I’ve done it successfully, sent the 360 into m$ and received a new one. (RRoD)

    (not sure if i can post my email on this website… but if you have any questions:
    element_reverse@hotmail.com )

  • http://www.google.com Interloper

    Author, the 360 uses a floating ground. When you connect the box to a puter without grounding the two chassis together you could…. ..
    Rich, what in God’s name are you talking about? Find DvDMulleter to test “YOUR Backups”
    Zipp0 fluid is the answer for stickers. It also makes them sticky again after it dries :) -and if you’re too late reading this, you may consider replacing your sticker ;-)

  • Tazz

    I having troubel getting a good drive status. Every time i turn on and off my drive its toggling between 0×51 and D1 and never going on 073 which is a good drive status. Somebody Please HELP MEEE!!!!!!

  • Brad

    hey i have a benq drive i bought it in 2007 is it hackable if it says it was made in november 2007 yes its a benq But What exactly do i need to hack it because im a noob i know i need a via or nforce sata card there really cheap i kno i have to do it under ms dos do i need that switch that requires solder because i dont like using solder :s Please give me further instructions and also its a arcade pack

  • http://www.reabo.co.uk helen

    Hey, how were you given an xbox 360 for free?

    Also with you now able to play back up can you still go onto xbox live with it turning you xbox into a very expensive brick?


  • manoman

    Man you guys need to read posts before you write them.

  • kirkman

    is their any way to soup up my xbox to play 360 games

  • jimbo


    sorry but unfortunately the old xbox consoles do not have the hardware capable to play xbox360 games efficiently. If you were able to make them playable, it is my guess that the games wouild be unbelievably lagged and would take forever to load and probably have completely screwed or missing graphics.

    P.S i hae not tried this myself that is just my opinion of what may happen

  • shandypants

    im having the same problem as tazz an luigilu can someone please help us out as i have been sittin here for the last 13 hours tryin 2 get round this with no joy an im on the verge of giving up. PLEASE IF ANYONE IS OUT THERE HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP

  • Rumblinroberto

    hey im not sure if my computer has the SATA plugins….do i need to buy a PCI SATA VIA 6124…. and were can i find it … hanx

  • Eli

    for some reason, i cant get my BenQ drive to read.
    It will not go to 073 status. It just toogles between 51 and d1.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • halomaster369

    will i be banned 2) can i use my xsata witch converts sata to usb?

  • jamesi

    can i still install xbox updates and still play my backup games thers a new update coming in august but i wont install if it wont let me play new/old backups

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  • copygames

    I’ve heart imgburn for a long time but i didn’t use it. sometime i will have a try.

  • http://www.copygames.org/ Sanxsait

    i heart such games are protected, does imgburn really help?

  • http://www.gpscardvd.com car dvd

    Zipp0 fluid is the answer for stickers.