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Apple TV running on a macbook!

Apple TV OS running on a macbook.
Thank you semthex for your patched Finder.

Thanks to appletvhacks.net for providing this tutorial.
For more infos on appletv join #appletv on irc.osx86.hu
Visit our Mac OSX86 forum: www.hackint0sh.org/forum

Just make sure you have everything backed up.
Download a copy of the patched Finder file.
Now, copy the Finder.app from your Apple TV drive,
and transplant the patch file (which is just the binary part of the app) into it,
and set the permissions:

cd /Volumes/OSBoot/System/Library/CoreServices/
sudo cp -pr ./Finder.app /Volume/FreshOSX/System/Library/CoreServices/.
cd /Volume/FreshOSX/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/
sudo cp /path/to/patched/Finder .
sudo chown root:wheel Finder
sudo chmod 755 Finder

Next you must copy over 2 additional Frameworks from the Apple TV to the OS X install:

cd /Volumes/OSBoot/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/
sudo cp -pr ./iPhotoAccess.framework /Volume/FreshOSX/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/.
sudo cp -pr ./BackRow.framework /Volume/FreshOSX/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/.

Now, reboot and hold down Option to choose your boot drive,
select the new OS X install and boot from it. You should be away.

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  • Cyril

    where i can find the OS for my macbookpro ?

  • dropit

    Anyone ever heard of a tripod?

  • Cyril

    where i can find the OS for my macbookpro ?

  • Name

    No 5.1 playback from the Apple Tv.

    That’s just stupid.

  • http://winnopeg.com Andre

    Nice work, did you have to erase OS X to get it to work?

  • jim

    does it work the other way round? can you get mac os desktop running on apple tv?

  • http://www.doityrself.com viphard

    if anyone get the code would you visite my site and commect for me

  • http://www.semthex.com semthex

    Someone dugg it too and it alread goes 700 diggs :-o


  • Mirko

    Does it play video in AVI containers that way, since it uses the standard quicktime?

  • meinrosebud

    Die in hell, you blasphemous dogs… I’m so jealous well done dudes! :)

  • gibo

    Nice, but… Why would I want to run Apple TV OS on a Mac???

  • Jason mowry

    hey i am having some issue doing it on my macbook pro.. if any one can help please do e-mail me at jasonmowry@jasonmowry.com

  • http://www.semthex.com semthex

    Help is available from irc.hackint0sh.org in #appletv
    or http://hackint0sh.org/forum/

  • http://get-your-macbook-air.blogspot.com Michael

    Very good article. Thanks for the good information!.

  • http://www.kaboodle.com/applemacbook MacBook pro girl

    I’m not that familiar with the topic, would you mind explaining in more indepth in a followup post?

  • http://macbookproreview.info Macbook Pro Review

    This is really cool.Apple TV running on macbook